Mauric Laboz: Millionaire’s Will Enforces Strict Rules For Daughters Hoping To Get Their Hands On Daddy’s Money

New York City millionaire Mauric Laboz, 77, left his daughters $10 million each, but the young women must adhere to a strict set of stipulations in order to garner the massive amount of money. Marlena Laboz, 21, and Victoria Laboz, 17, will have to wait until they hit 35 to get their inheritance if they can’t follow the rules set forth by their Manhattan real estate mogul father. The remainder of the Laboz estate, $37 million, will go to various charities.

The Laboz sisters apparently do not want to jump through hoops or wait until they are 35 to get their inheritance, and are contesting Mauric Laboz’s will in court. The Manhattan millionaire stated that Marlena and Victoria must graduate from an “accredited university,” get married, and have children in wedlock in order to get their share of the $20 million.

Laboz’s will dictates seem reasonable, and an expression of typical parental desires to many folks. The NYC millionaire was reportedly in the midst of divorcing his daughters’ mother, Eaw Laboz, when he died earlier this year. She was left out of the will entirely.

The Laboz sisters are scheduled to appear in a Manhattan court to dispute the will on August 12, according to a New York Post report. As the girls complete their father’s wishes, they can reportedly earn “thousands of dollars” in recognition for the accomplishments. Ewa Laboz is also contesting being cut out of her estranged husband’s will. The real estate tycoon reportedly justified leaving Ewa out of the will by citing a prenuptial agreement which “limited her rights” to his money.

If a daughter marries before reaching 35, she will reportedly be given $500,000 — but only if her groom signs a sworn statement noting that he will not access the funds. Graduating from an accredited university would earn a Laboz daughter $750,000 — but only if she writes “100 words or less” describing how she intends to use the money. The trustees the millionaire appointed to oversee his will must approve of the submitted essay before turning over the cash.


Beginning in 2020, Marlena Laboz and Victoria Laboz are guaranteed a payment three times that of the earnings noted on their tax return.

Mauric Laboz reportedly signed his will in April, 2014, about nine months before his death. The charities slated to benefit from a portion of the $37 million estate include Meals on Wheels and the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research.

What do you think about the New York City millionaire’s rules his daughters must follow in order to get their inheritance?

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