'Grey's Anatomy' Season 12: Does Bailey Want To Be Chief? Chandra Wilson Weighs In

Season 12 of Grey's Anatomy is set to expand a number of different storylines, following what was a trauma-filled Season 11 for the hit medical drama. With that in mind, Chandra Wilson recently revealed to Zap2it how her character, Miranda Bailey, wants to be Chief of Surgery at the Seattle hospital.

"I want to be chief. That's what I want. What do I have to do to make that happen?" Wilson stated. "You're going to see some classic Bailey stuff, some classic Bailey behavior," she added."

Although Bailey has gone through quite a bit over the past few seasons, including problems with marriage and raising a boy, she is known for being able to get people to do things for her with her inspiring speeches. With that in mind, Wilson explained how Bailey will get a bit of her old self-confidence back.

"[You'll see] some self-confidence that you haven't seen in a while from her coming out. This is a really important step for her, just as important as getting on the board... I think being the chief is kind of the pinnacle of her career. It looks like from what I'm reading in the next script, she's across the board giving people a hard time... That's why I'm saying it's some classic Bailey about to come out."
At the same time, Sarah Drew recently interviewed with Digital Spy U.K., where she talked about how she is willing to stick with the show just as long as her character, April, continues to develop.
"If I get to continue to evolve in the way that I've been able to evolve in the last six years, yes, I'll stay."
Drew went on to state that being a part of Grey's Anatomy is something that she has enjoyed for the past few years.
"I mean, number one: being part of this show in particular is such an honor, the writing is so incredible, the people are so amazing and the fans are so enthusiastic," she stated in the interview.
Season 11 of Grey's Anatomy featured the end for one of the show's most popular characters in Patrick Dempsey's Derek Shepherd. With Shepherd gone and Meredith's storyline still unknown, there is bound to be some major shakeups in the show when the series returns this fall.

Season 12 of Grey's Anatomy is set to air its first episode, Sledgehammer, on September 24 on ABC.