FDA Could Regulate E-Cigarettes This Summer

Electronic Cigarettes Vapor Regulated by FDA

Electronic cigarettes, also known as “e-cigarettes”, could potentially be heading for regulation after renewed debate about its use by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

According to SFGate, discussions regarding tobacco use have hit meeting rooms. The idea is, while e-cigarettes can still deliver nicotine to the body, it does however filter out tar, carbon monoxide, and other dangerous toxic chemicals found in tobacco cigarettes. And it’s because of this why, theoretically, the public is better off with e-cigarettes.

Jonathan Foulds, professor of public health and psychiatry at Pennsylvania State University, gave the following statement on the latest FDA regulation plans.

“It would be in the same ballpark as being addicted to caffeine.”

Foulds followed by stating,

“I’m not saying e-cigarettes are as harmless as coffee. But the harm isn’t such a disaster as death from smoking.”

The Penn State professor is a researcher of tobacco-cessation, and he’s seen the amount of skepticism that e-cigarettes bring. According to skeptics, e-cigarettes reinforces smoking and is a gateway for young lads to buy regular cigarettes.

However, this statement by skeptics is widely debated and has always popped up since the first e-cigarette was publicized in China.

Reports say that China is the inventor of the first e-cigarette. These types of cigarettes are battery-powered, which converts nicotine into vapor, making it allegedly safer than regular cigarettes.

E-cigarettes first came to the US in 2007, amid speculation that the device could reduce tobacco use and in long term, save lives.

Media reports are citing that potentially over 20 million Americans are using e-cigarettes. As the BBC reports, a decline in smokers using programs to help with quitting is leading to a rise in e-cigarette use.

Dr. Andrew Carnon, a Public Health Consultant, said a trend is occurring in Scotland. Among other countries, however, its effectiveness is currently overpowering supporters.

Many argue that e-cigarettes decreases the chance of developing lung cancer. The good and bads of these devices have seen a significant amount of attention from both health experts and the media.

Moreover, the topic of e-cigarettes is an endless debate. If the new FDA rules are given the greenlight, risk-reduction claims that lack scientific evidence would be forbidden for e-cigarettes.

However, with all the news surrounding e-cigarettes and potential FDA regulations, top e-cigarette stores like VapeItNow or Vaporfi have seen a steady rise in profits in recent months. The average price for an e-cigarette on VapeItNow, for example, is a measly $30 bucks.

The latest headlines and debates definitely hasn’t stopped the e-cigarette vapor industry and likely won’t anytime soon.

[Photo via Politico]