China Is Building The World's Largest Solar Power Plant - Larger Than The Size Of A City

Mohit Priyadarshi

China has commenced its work on constructing the world's largest solar power plant, which will be more than the size of an average city when completed, according to reports emerging in its state media.

This piece of news comes after it was recently announced that China had joined the most ambitious search for alien life by building the world's largest single-aperture telescope.

The humongous power plant, called Delingha, is being built across 25 square kilometers of vacant space in the Gobi desert, and will easily surpass the previous largest Desert Sunlight Solar Farm, which covers 16 square kilometers in the California desert. According to Business Standard, the Qinghai-based plant will have an installed capacity of 200 megawatts and will be capable of supplying electricity to more than 1 million Chinese households.

IET reports that China's newest solar plant will use concentrated solar power technology, relying on a total of six solar towers which will process light reflected by a huge array of solar mirrors.

China is currently the largest greenhouse gas emitter in the world, but with the development of the world's largest solar power plant, the country hopes to underline its commitment to renewable power. In the last ten years alone, China has increased its solar power production to an astonishing 28.05 gigawatts, 400 times than what the country produced back in 2005. Once complete, Delingha will slash standard coal usage by 4.26 million tonnes a year, significantly reducing emissions of harmful gases like carbon dioxide and sulfur dioxide into the atmosphere.

Wu Longyi, board chairman of the Qinghai Solar-Thermal Group, spoke to Xinhua about the major benefit of the new power plant.

"Its designed heat storage is 15 hours, thus, it can guarantee stable, continual power generation."

China is leaving no stone unturned in its efforts to maximize its scientific potential. It seems possible, and even probable, that China will soon be the new pacesetter when it comes to utilizing natural resources.

[Image via NASA]