'American Horror Story: Hotel' Still Has Room For More Eye Candy

American Horror Story: Hotel is jam-packed with big names, old favorites, and newcomers, but it seems that the ever expanding fourth edition of American Horror Story still has room for more head-turners. Former Glee star Darren Criss is in talks to join the cast of American Horror Story: Hotel in a recurring role which would begin with Criss' appearance in the Halloween episode.

Darren is wanted for the role of Justin, the male half of a hipster couple checking into the ominous hotel on Halloween in the hopes of escaping annoying trick-or-treaters. Word has it that Darren and his on-screen girlfriend are so troublesome to the hotel staff with their multitudinous requests that Criss and company soon fall prey to the tricks of Kathy Bates. Ouch!

Many fans will recognize Darren Criss from Glee, making him the first actor from the musical comedy to be brought over to Ryan Murphy's horror anthology. Since Glee's finale, Criss has been performing on Broadway in Hedwig and the Angry Inch. Additionally, Darren has reportedly been cast to star in Smitten, a comedy to be directed by Barry Morrow.

Meanwhile, at the other end of American Horror Story: Hotel, more news has surfaced about the role Evan Peters will be playing in his fourth year with the American Horror Story series. The word is that Evan's new American Horror Story character is described as a "Howard Hughes-type eccentric," which creates a whole new opportunity for Peters to explore his acting chops. In the past, he's played a psychopathic mass murderer, an insane alien abductee, an athlete-turned-Frankenstein's monster, and finally a freak show star with clubbed fingers.

Now, it seems karma (or Ryan Murphy) is turning the tables for Evan, giving him the chance to live the good life in American Horror Story: Hotel, as he is cast as a wealthy playboy and, depending on how closely American Horror Story follows the life of Howard Hughes, successful Hollywood mogul. It sounds like the dream life, but as American Horror Story fans know by now, there's always a catch. Always.

It was also reported at Comic Con that Evan Peters' character, named Mr. March, will be a villain. A wealthy villain, modeled after Howard Hughes? Sounds very menacing indeed.

"Everybody in the show is very excited about this season, Sarah Paulson and Evan Peters particularly because in every season thus far they've always been sort of the heroes, the good guy or the good lady so to speak, and this season they're playing absolute evil villains," Ryan Murphy said of American Horror Story: Hotel. "So they're very excited about that and I think people will really enjoy it."

Evan confessed to having another reason for looking forward to this year's edition of American Horror Story and it seems a sensible opinion, considering the sudden break-up with American Horror Story co-star Emma Roberts.

"I want more and more people to be on the show -- more guys," Peters said. "Let's get some more bros on here and bro it up a little bit. I'm excited to work with all those guys, I think it's going to be awesome."

American Horror Story: Hotel is scheduled to premiere in October on FX.

[Featured image courtesy of FX/American Horror Story: Hotel]