‘Big Brother 17’ Spoilers: Updated ‘BB17’ Week 6 Eviction Prediction

Big Brother 17 spoilers reveal an updated Week 6 eviction prediction. The BB17 house is about to evict its sixth houseguest of the season, and there isn’t an opportunity for this person to save themselves any longer. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Head of Household James Huling decided to leave his nominations the same at the Veto ceremony. It was the benefit of winning the Week 6 veto competition. A report from fan site Big Brother Network late Tuesday (August 4) confirms that a unanimous vote is about to take place, as well.

There had been a plan where Clay Honeycutt and Shelli Poole were trying to turn the BB17 house (and James Huling) against Steve Moses, but it didn’t work out in the end. James decided to keep Shelli and Clay as the nominees after they conspired to get Jason Roy out of the house in Week 5. Though James originally wanted to get Shelli out of the house first, Clay ended up working it out so that people would vote against him, keeping her in the house for at least another week. It is now safe to predict Clay Honeycutt is getting evicted on the Thursday episode.

These Big Brother 17 spoilers merely confirm what viewers of the live feeds have known for a while now. While a lot of maneuvering was taking place this week, it was going to take a lot to get James to change his mind. When he won the veto competition, it nearly guaranteed that Shelli Poole was heading home. If James was making the smart play, though, he would have stuck with her and not Clay, because she is clearly the better BB17 competitor. Winning two HOHs so far, she could certainly win another one very soon.

Once Clay leaves the house, it is going to be very interesting to see what transpires next. Vanessa Rousso has been working very hard to drive a wedge between Clay and Shelli, and she may have just convinced Shelli of an odd “fact.” Vanessa was trying to get Shelli to believe that Clay was working to get her out of the house, and that the only reason he was unsuccessful was because Vanessa defended Shelli. It’s not true at all, but the paranoia is too strong in the BB17 house this season. Unless Clay completely “outs” Vanessa, then Shelli is going to continue believing this new story.

Heading toward Week 7, there will be just 11 houseguests left competing for the $500,000 prize. It’s still too early to predict which players have the best chance to win this year, but future Big Brother 17 spoilers will certainly hint at who has the upper hand. A lot relies on who can win the next HOH competition on August 6.

[Image Source: CBS Big Brother Press Kit]