'The Voice' Cursed? Is Divorce Catching Now That Gwen Stefani Has Split From Gavin Rossdale?

Is The Voice cursed? In the news this summer, Blake Shelton got divorced, Gwen Stefani just filed for divorce, and rumors are swirling that Adam Levine's marriage will soon follow suit. Is this just the way things go with celebrity marriages or is there something to The Voice curse?

As reported a week ago in the Inquisitr, Blake Shelton, who was said to have an "amicable divorce" with wife Miranda Lambert, had all of her things put on the porch of his Oklahoma farm. Lambert had moved out, but many of her belongings had remained.

E! News is reporting that Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale are divorcing after 13 years of marriage and three children. Publicly, just like the Shelton/Lambert split, it is being blamed of busy schedules, but also like the Shelton/Lambert split, rumors are swirling that cheating and relations with others is a factor. E! is asking "Is there a curse at play on The Voice?"

"I obviously have a close connection with Blake...Sad times," The Voice host Carson Daly said on Today a couple weeks ago in response to his pal's split news. "Yesterday what was really sad about this is the idea of love and marriage seems to be a dying art for a lot of people...people were so saddened by that news."

As of this posting, Adam Levine and wife Behati Prinsloo (a Victoria's Secret model) are still together, but the internet is swelling with stories of trouble in paradise for the newlyweds.
"Adam's acting like the same playboy he was before they wed, and that's a problem for his wife. She thinks it's disrespectful for him to flirt with other girls when he's married to her."

"He goes out all the time and hangs out with other models. Recently, Adam had a guys' night out and Behati found out he was chatting up girls. She was livid and they had a huge fight. It's a sore spot for her."

So while Blake Shelton keeps mending, giving his first post-divorce interview with a vodka in hand to ease the pain for what he calls "a really rough week," the details of Gwen Stefani's marital unraveling are still coming out, and fans are eager for details.

Hopefully, the curse will skip Adam Levine and his wife, and the theme of divorce will not overshadow the upcoming season of The Voice.

Do you think The Voice is cursed?