Kate Pierson Marries Partner In Hawaiian Ceremony: B52s Singer Shares Special Moment With Her Fans

Regina Avalos

Kate Pierson married her longtime partner in Hawaii over the weekend, and her fans went wild about the news on social media. Pierson did not hide her excitement about the big moment. According to E! Online, the B-52s singer shared a number of photos from her big day on her Facebook page.

Pierson married her girlfriend, Monica Coleman, wearing a pink Victorian-style gown, and Monica opted for a gold gown for the ceremony. Pierson received a lot of support from her close friends. It was reported by Pierson's rep that the wedding ceremony was attended by the "entire B52s band, Sia Furler and husband Erik Anders Lang were the witnesses."

Sia also performed at the ceremony. It was revealed that "Sia performed the song she wrote for the couple "Crush Me With You Love" on Pierson's first solo album Guitars and Microphones and was accompanied by the famous Hawaii music group the Lim Family who serenaded the attendees during the event. Fred Schneider made the best man speech."

Pierson left Los Angeles for Hawaii on Thursday, according to her Facebook. The singer revealed her plans to marry on Saturday, and it was Sunday night that she shared two photos that showed her and her bride off in their wedding gowns. Kate and Monica had been together for almost 12 years before they decided to make it official and marry. The pair could now marry legally after the United States Supreme Court lifted the ban against gay marriage across the country.

— E! Online (@eonline) August 4, 2015

Several fans also sent well wishes to the couple on Twitter.

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However, Kate Pierson has been busy with more on the musical front. The singer released her first solo album last month. Guitars and Microphones is sold exclusively at Barnes & Noble stores.

— PGH MUSIC MAG (@pghmusicmag) July 26, 2015

"It didn't take so long to put it together, it just took me a long time to start it because it's a lifelong thing. I've always wanted to do a solo project. I've always known I wanted to be a musician. I've always wanted to be a musician. I love music, like I probably sang when I was born … and I used to stick my head out the window when I was a kid and sing at the top of my lungs and make up songs, and I didn't think my parents could hear me. My father played this beautiful Gretsch guitar. He was in a big band, and then when he got married, he stopped. He played all the time at night, but he stopped being in the band."

An open letter for Kate was posted to the Huffington Post shortly after the release of the song. Jamie Cooper Holland spoke about the song and Kate's defense of it.

"In your response to the criticism, you claimed that dialogue is important. Yet over the past several days, many comments posted to your Facebook page that have been critical of the message in your song (and nonthreatening, despite claims to the contrary) have been quickly and summarily removed. Moreover, how can I or anyone else who shares my concerns find meaning in dialogue when you didn't respond specifically to any of the issues I raised, such as the inclusion of a documented trans misogynist in your video? What does dialogue actually mean to you, and how do we achieve it? Because we're clearly not there now."

Fans of Kate Pierson's will be able to see her perform on stage on August 28. She will perform a benefit concert in Woodstock.

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