Sacred White Buffalo ‘Lightning Medicine Cloud’ Killed And Skinned

, a rare non-albino white buffalo, was discovered killed and skinned at Lakota Ranch in Greenville, Texas.

The white male buffalo calf was considered scared to some local Native Americans. The chance a buffalo will be born white is said to be 1 in 10 million, Fox News reported.

Several agencies, including the Hunt County Sheriff’s Department, are currently investigating the murder of the sacred white buffalo owned by Arby Little Soldier.

Sheriff Randy Meeks indicated that he was notified of the crime by Texas Parks and Wildlife and that his office is currently investigating with the assistance of the National Indian Council as well the Department of Homeland Security. Due to the sensitive nature of the case, Meeks did not release any details pertaining to the ongoing investigation. Conscious of the significance of rituals and order in the Native American tribe, Meeks was quoted having said:

“Everything we did, we made a request and made sure it was fine with them out of respect for the tribal council.”

The day following the discovery of the killed and skinned white buffalo calf, the mother was also discovered dead.

Owner Little Soldier indicated that the animal was more than simply a symbol of hope and that his legend will live strong at the ranch at which it was born. The white buffalo was born roughly one rear prior to the gruesome murder on a ranch near Greenville, T.X., called Lakota Buffalo Ranch. Little soldier was quoted having said:

“My people – my brothers, my sisters – are hurt for what has happened here at this ranch. You don’t think things like this are going to happen to such a sacred animal, a sacred family.”

What are your thoughts on the tragic murder of this sacred white buffalo?
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