Video Captures Horrifying Moment When A California Man Is Hit By His Own Car During Road Rage Confrontation

Leavitt was seen rolling over the hood of his car before being plunged to the ground on 1400 block of S. Gilbert Street, leaving him with a “collapsed lung, broken bones, and requiring a hip and knee replacement.” The man who was arguing with the victim hopped in his vehicle after yelling “Yeah,” and waited on his partner who had stolen Leavitt’s car to run him down.

Before the pair – who are described as Caucasian or Hispanic males with slim builds – fled the scene in a 2006 – 2011 white Ford Ranger pick-up truck and leaving the grandfather for dead, one of the assailants was cleaning the area to ensure they didn’t leave any evidence that would trace back to them, reported the NY Daily News.

One of the men was heard saying, “He’s [Leavitt] laying on the floor, hurry up. Don’t leave nothing behind.”

California police officials later arrived at the scene and rushed Leavitt to a local hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

“I can’t understand it,” said Leavitt’s wife Sabine. “I cannot understand why they would want to do that.”

“Not only are the hospital bills going to be astronomical, but he is the sole bread winner of his family and self-employed.”


After Leavitt was hit with his own car during a road rage confrontation, his family and friends set up a Go Fund Me page. The road rage victim earned enough money to undergo leg, hip, and knee surgery, according to his wife.

A manhunt is underway for the two men who hit Tracey Leavitt with his own car before leaving him for dead. If the two are apprehended, they will be facing charges of assault with a deadly weapon, but the charges may change as the investigation ensues.

If anyone has any information regarding the road rage confrontation, they are asked to contact the Hemet Police Department.

[Image via YouTube Screen Capture]