Wisconsin Man Rapes 82-Year-Old Woman In Street As She Screams ‘God Help Me,’ Then Waits Three Hours For Police To Arrive

According to Fox 6 now, Stephen Robinson, 29, approached an elderly woman – whose name has not been released to the public – as she was getting off of the bus near Green Bay and Teutonia on July 16. He mumbled something in her ear that she couldn’t quite comprehend, but it was enough to instill fear in her; therefore, she hurriedly walked away from Robinson.

However, Robinson followed behind her, knocked her to the ground, and began raping the elderly woman. She screamed “God help me” as loud as she could in hopes that someone would run to her aid, only no one did. Afterwards, Robinson fled the scene, and the woman immediately called 911 dispatch for assistance.

The woman placed another call after more than an hour had passed and there was no sign of Milwaukee police. It was three hours after the alleged sexual assault took place that police made it to the scene.

The wait time concerned Milwaukee’s residents some weeks later as well as a few city leaders, including Milwaukee’s alderman Bob Donovan in which he said: “Especially with an elderly woman who’s victimized to that extent and has to wait three hours. That’s totally unacceptable. The system is really broken here in Milwaukee.”

Joe Davis, who is also Milwaukee’s alderman, added that the slow response was “Unacceptable from a perspective of service delivery. We cannot make these kinds of mistakes when it deals with life and death situations.”

When police officials were questioned, they stated that they responded to the call within six minutes, according to CBS 58. It appears 911 dispatch failed to alert the police after the call was made. After the incident, the Milwaukee Police Department released a statement.

“The Milwaukee Police Department is reviewing both our dispatch prioritization protocol and the handling of this specific call for service to ensure policy was followed and determine whether policy revision is needed, as the time from the initial call to the police and the dispatch of a squad was excessive. Once the unit was dispatched, officers arrived in six minutes.”


Davis later tells the Chief of police that they “need to hold those in charge accountable.”

“Clearly there is no excuse for this. The city has to respond when there is an emergency situation. Those are our core services as a municipality,” Davis added. “So from this point on we have to fix the problem. If we don’t fix the problem then people are going to lose faith in the City of Milwaukee actually responding for emergency situations.”

An investigation is currently underway.

The police officials did, however, arrest Stephen Robinson on charges of second degree sexual assault and aggravated battery. He is currently being held at the county jail.

[Image via YouTube Screen Capture]