Suspected MH370 Plane Window Washes Up On Reunion Island Shore, Boeing 777 Wing Confirmed

A white plastic object that appears to be a plane window has washed up on the Reunion Island shore. The plastic “plane window” is suspected to be a piece of debris from the doomed Malaysian Airlines MH370 that went missing on March 8, 2014, while in route from Kuala Lumpur International Airport to Beijing Capital International Airport. The discovery comes after French officials confirmed that the piece of debris found earlier on the island was, in fact, a piece of a Boeing 777 wing. The “plane window” was found within 100 meters of the wing, and where various other pieces of suspected MH370 debris have been found.

The Daily Mail reports that suspected plane window was found by a man visiting the island from France, named Bruno. The piece was discovered as the man jogged along the St. Denis beach. Though a number of promising leads have appeared on Reunion Island, National Police Brigadier Gisele Cadar could not confirm whether the object is from a plane or not. Cadar notes that it does resemble a plane window, but cannot confirm at this time.

“It might resemble the back of a plane window or rather the part where the masks fall but right now I can’t tell you anything.”

The Boeing 777 wing section was found on Reunion Island last Wednesday, and has been confirmed as a piece of a Boeing 777 aircraft by French officials. However, it was not been determined if the wing is from the MH370 flight. Officials note that the likelihood of the wing being from the missing airliner is great, as MH370 is the only missing Boeing 777 aircraft.

“Malaysia’s transport minister earlier confirmed that the object found on a beach at St Andre on Wednesday was a wing flap from a Boeing 777 — the same type of aircraft as the one that vanished.”


The BBC points out that it was also noted that Reunion Island is located within the “debris simulation” created after the crash as a potential resting place for debris after a 18-24 month period. With the crash having took place 17 months ago, the simulation seems to indicate that searchers were close with their simulation estimations.

Debris estimation from the MH370 search area courtesy of BBC.

The airplane “window” and wing section aren’t the only pieces of debris with a possible link to the missing MH370 flight. Various other pieces of debris from water bottles with Chinese writing to pieces of a tattered suitcase have also been sent to French officials working on the MH370 case for processing.

[Image Credit: Getty Images / Handout]