August 4, 2015
Kim Zolciak Flips Out After 'She Finally Lost Weight' Comment About Daughter

Kim Zolciak is back for another season of Don't Be Tardy, and she will be showcasing her entire family on the show. Zolciak is back to support her husband on the football field, watch her children grow up, and manage a crazy home. And while Zolciak does have fun filming the show for her true fans, there are some people who just love creating drama.

Of course, Kim Zolciak has been the victim of rumors many times. First, Zolciak was pregnant once again, and then she had plastic surgery. Then, there were rumors that Kim had her nose done and paid to have her daughters' noses done, even though they aren't even out of their teens yet. And every time, Kim shuts the rumors down.

According to a new Bravo report, Kim Zolciak is furious these days, thanks to her Instagram followers. Kim is often posting pictures of her family and her children. And while Zolciak can handle criticism herself, she draws the line when people start commenting on her children's appearances. And this weekend, her daughter, Ariana, was the victim of harsh comments.

"My sweet, smart, motivated princess Ariana Biermann. She has the biggest (heart) and is even more beautiful on the inside and you LOW LIFE assholes who have the audacity to make your rude comments, 'she finally lost weight' 'she finally came into her own' WTF is wrong with you! You are the problem with society. What possesses you to sit behind a computer and write a negative comment?!!!! Can you imagine if you took the time to write something positive or nothing at all how wonderful this world would be!!! You leave my baby alone she is a child!!!! Got it!!! #YouHaveNoClueTheImpactYouHaveOnSomeone #SheIsAChild #GetALife #IfYouArentPositiveUNFOLLOW #EachOneOfMyGirlsAreUniqueAndSpecial," Kim Zolciak wrote on Instagram after comments surfaced.

Ariana is only 13-years-old, and it seems completely outrageous that someone would make a comment about Ariana's body. Of course, she looks a lot more grown up in these new pictures compared to when she was filming Don't Be Tardy, but to make a comment about her body and about her losing weight is just outrageous.

According to the Inquisitr, Don't Be Tardy will premiere in a few weeks, and Kim Zolciak is clearly dealing with lots of issues. For one, Kroy Biermann is a free agent. Secondly, Brielle Biermann would like to be a young mother. And lastly, the home is growing in both staff members and pets.

What do you think of Kim Zolciak's comments about her daughter's bullies? Do you think people are completely out of line?

[Image via Bravo]