A PEZ Candy Animated Movie Is In The Works

George Zapo

PEZ Candy Inc. and Envision Media Arts have landed an agreement to make an animated movie about the popular candy dispenser. There's no specific timetable set for when a PEZ movie will hit the theaters, but according to an article in the Washington Post, Cameron Fay, who wrote the comedy Brother in Law, is set to write the script.

Deadline reports a comment by Envision Media Arts CEO and founder, Lee Nelson.

"PEZ Candy is beloved by children and adults alike. With Cameron Fay we've created a world unique to PEZ and a story that will touch the hearts of many."

In fact, people of all ages have been collecting PEZ, making it a favorite hobby for decades. According it the company's website, the world's largest get-together of PEZ collectors gathered at Pezamania in Cleveland, Ohio last month.

Eduard Haas III first introduced PEZ candy as a breath mint in Vienna, Austria in 1927. The word PEZ originates from the German word for peppermint, pfefferminz. The letter P was taken from the first letter, E from the middle, and Z from the last letter.

In 1935, a factory in Czechoslovakia was built to manufacture the candy on a large scale.

According to PEZ, the candy dispensers are available globally. Each year, close to 3 billion PEZ candies, primarily made of sugar, are consumed in the United States alone.

It's a mystery how the famous candy dispenser is going to look on the screen. Nevertheless, Envision Media Arts has had some success with movies like The Lego Movie, and it looks as though PEZ Candy Inc. and Envision Media Arts are relying on the success of an animated movie with big heads on top of a thin, plastic candy holder. Cameron Fay is also writing for a new Three Stooges Movie, which is a sequel to the 2012 comedy. That film is due to come out in 2017. Despite the impressive group of leading actors, like Will Sasso, Chris Diamantopoulos, and Sean Hayes, The Three Stooges received mediocre reviews and actually did poor at the box office with a return of $54.8 million.

Fay is going to try to bolster the franchise. Making a movie about PEZ candy dispensers should be interesting, to say the least.

[Featured image via William Thomas Cain/Getty Images]