Are Nicki Minaj And Ex Safaree Samuels Married? Rumors Suggest ‘Anaconda’ Rapper Is Filing For Divorce

Nicki Minaj called off her 12-year relationship with Safaree Samuels last year in favor of dating Philly rapper Meek Mill, but new rumors are suggesting that there’s more to Minaj’s former relationship with Samuels than fans may have thought.

As Minaj battles breakup rumors with beau Meek Mill following the “I’m a Boss” rapper’s ongoing feud with Nicki’s label mate Drake, Minaj is making headlines for allegedly getting hitched to ex-boyfriend Samuels.

New reports suggest that Minaj and Samuels were previously married during their longtime relationship, with sources telling MediaTakeOut that Minaj recently filed for divorce from the “Lifeline” rapper.

The report claims to have real documentation of Minaj’s request for a dissolution of marriage before quoting a source who says that the duo were in fact married before calling it quits in 2014, Hollywood Life reports.

The paperwork shows both Minaj and Samuels’ private information filled out for a form titled “Divorce Information Packet,” but fans were quick to point out that the document has some inconsistencies.

For example, one reader points out that Samuels’ birthday is listed incorrectly on the document, while another notes that the document clearly misspells Samuels last name as “Samules” while Minaj’s name is listed as “Onika Tanya Maraj Samuels.”

Similarly, Samuels seemingly confirmed the extent of his former relationship with Minaj in his track “Love the Most,” which was released back in June.

In the track, Samuels admits to being engaged to Minaj, but never mentions that he and Nicki were ever married.

“Twelve years up in flames / Thought you woulda had my kid / Year 3 got engaged / Now we movin’ out of rage.”

The rumors come just days after Samuels escalated his feud with Minaj when he released his diss track, “Lifeline.”

E! News reports that in the song, Samuels attacks Nicki’s ongoing relationship with Meek Mill while also accusing her of needing a ghostwriter for her new album, The Pinkprint.

Minaj seemingly responded to Samuels’ bold claims last week during her tour stop in Brooklyn where she told concertgoers.

“A b**** a** n***** can’t write my raps, you know why? You don’t have the heart, or the mind frame, or the motherf****** intellect, b**** n*****.”

Samuels has since defended himself against Minaj’s claims, even telling his ex to “get off my d***” in regards to the ghostwriting jab, but Minaj has yet to directly respond to Safaree’s latest diss.

What do you think of the rumors suggesting that Nicki Minaj and Safaree Samuels were married?

[Image Credit: Getty Images / Jason Merritt]