Happy Face Killer’s Daughter Joins Hunt For Killer Of Chillicothe Women

The daughter of the notorious Happy Face Killer has reportedly joined the hunt for the person or persons responsible for the disappearances and deaths of several Chillicothe, Ohio women. The Huffington Post reports that Melissa Moore recently met with the family members of the six women who are believed to be victims of a serial killer.

Moore says she has a “unique connection” with the families and victims because of who her father is. She openly addressed the ties that have bonded her to these individuals.

“They have lost their loved ones to what may be a serial killer, and my father is Keith Hunter Jesperson, known as the happy face killer.”

Jesperson was convicted of killing at least eight victims — all of which were women. He was active during the years 1990 through 1995, during which time he earned the moniker of the Happy Face Killer. His victim count and the ferocity of his crimes have earned him a place as one of the United States’ most notorious serial killers. Furthermore, he earned his macabre nickname from the smiley faces he would draw on letters he sent to media, taunting them as he continued killing innocent women. The Canadian-born murderer picked off women in the states of Nebraska, Florida, Washington, California, Wyoming, and Oregon. Jesperson was a ruthless and remorseless killer, who famously quoted that the murders were somehow predestined.

“It was their fate to die by my hands, like a car accident or illness.”

There are no known connections between the Happy Face Killer and the six+ presumed victims of the Chillicothe Serial Killer. However, the notorious murderer’s daughter is a “special correspondent” for Crime Watch Daily, due to her experience in being related to such an infamous criminal. While Jesperson is serving three consecutive life sentences for his crimes, an estimated 50 serial killers are presumed to be active in the United States. Authorities believe that at least one of them is behind the disappearances and deaths of the six Chillicothe women.

The identity of the Chillicothe serial killer is a mystery at the front of Ohio news headlines, as well as across the country. However, there has been speculation that an accused serial killer — who was shot dead in Virginia — could be connected to the case. Nonetheless, authorities have not made any such findings on an official level.

Do you think The Happy Face Killer’s daughter will be useful in the hunt for the killer of the Chillicothe Six?

[Photo: California DOC mugshot/Keith Jesperson]