Gigi Hadid On The Art Of Nudity: ‘I Wouldn’t Do Naked For Naked’s Sake’

Gigi Hadid has had a busy summer and for an up and coming supermodel, that’s definitely a good thing. Ms. Hadid was the star of a short film created for the summer edition of V magazine and, adding more letters to her portfolio, Gigi will be featured on the cover of W magazine this week. Add to that the fall campaign Hadid will be featured in for Topshop and it seems Gigi has little free time.

Gigi Hadid's latest magazine cover hits the stands this week. Photo courtesy of Steven Meisel for W Magazine.

It’s a curiosity for some that Ms. Hadid seems so willing to bare her body for various campaigns, and People magazine finally approached Gigi on the topic of nudity in advertising, finding the model open and willing to discuss her opinions on posing nude.

“I’ve never been scared of being naked in pictures, but I wouldn’t do naked for naked’s sake,” Gigi says.

For Ms. Hadid, the most memorable campaign, which comes to mind when the topic of nudity is broached was the modeling Gigi did for Tom Ford’s Velvet Orchid fragrance.

“With Tom, it was an easy decision. When you think of scent, you don’t think of clothes. In the beginning, I thought Tom would not want to know my name. But he made a space for me in the high-fashion world. When Tom liked me, other jobs followed.”

Gigi Hadid is becoming a big name in modeling and she believes her willingness to take jobs outside of high fashion is to credit for her rising success. Gigi has modeled for a wide range of products and companies, including Balmain, Michael Kors, Seafolly, and the aforementioned Topshop.

Gigi Hadid poses in W magazine. Photo courtesy of Steven Meisel for W Magazine.

“I never want to choose one or the other,” Ms. Hadid explains. “My Pirelli calendar is hanging on the wall of my friend’s frat house, and he doesn’t know anything about fashion. Both commercial and high fashion are what make my job so interesting.”

Gigi says that she knows business drives her career and that social media is a big part of that, but she’s hesitant to guarantee a percentage of her social media posts. Hadid feels that would drive her fan base down and that’s also something Gigi wants to avoid.

“I have always been aware of the business side of this industry,” explains Hadid. “All the companies I work for want me to guarantee how much I’ll post for them, but I’m not going to force my career onto the people who follow me. I refuse to do 40 Instagram posts about any campaign.”

[Featured image: Gigi Hadid courtesy of Larry Busacca/Getty Images]