Drake’s Chill Still Hasn’t Been Found — Drizzy Wears ‘Free Meek Mill’ Shirt On Video, Plus New Diss Release Rumors

Drake’s Meek Mill onslaught continues while people still search for his chill button. Publicly, Drizzy is seen sporting a “Free Meek Mill” T-shirt.

If you’ve seen Drake’s performances in the past, you may have come across a show when he had on the shirt. As mentioned in a previous Inquisitr article, Drizzy and Meek were friends at one point, or at least kept up appearances as such.

Drake's Chill Still Hasn't Been Found — Drizzy Wears 'Free Meek Mill' Shirt In Public
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However, that was long before the recent beef between the two rappers. And now, just before OVO fest, Drake was seen wearing the same Meek Mill shirt. If you notice, Drake’s beard is definitely present, validating his most recent look. Many thought it was photoshopped. However, as can be seen in the video proof, it isn’t.

Drake isn’t quite through with Meek Mill yet. That’s obvious by the shirt and its current connotation. However, via Twitter, rumor is that there may be another Meek Mill diss to premiere tonight during the festival. So, including the feature with Daylyt, that would be four tracks where Drizzy has smashed on Meek without receiving an adequate response. Supposedly, the name of the new diss track is “Three Strikes,” which is appropriate, given this would be the third by himself.

This possibly brings new light to Drake’s most recent Instagram post. In the post, he showcased a championship ring containing three bars/strikes in the center. And around the ring, it reads, “OVO World Champion Sound.” Drizzy’s photo caption read as follows.

“Delivery from the 47th god @davebling. World Champion Sound. 6th Annual OVO Fest tmrw.”

Delivery from the 47th god @davebling. World Champion Sound. 6th Annual OVO Fest tmrw.

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Drake is on a relentless streak, it seems. If he’s going to take Meek out of the game, supposedly, he’s going to do it all the way, right? Well, another rumor says that Drizzy might even leak private conversations between the two at OVO Fest. Aubrey, come on. Have a heart. Right now, it appears that he’s about to eat Meek’s.

What do you think about it? Do you think this will be the last Meek Mill diss track?

How far will Drake take it?

Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

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