Angry Dad Goes Vigilante On Daughter’s Alleged Bullies In SUV

An angry dad faces a laundry list of charges after authorities claim he tried to run down a group of elementary school children with his SUV. The Dreamin’ Demon reports that Roy Williams, Jr. was captured on cellphone video committing the crime of which he’s accused. Meanwhile, authorities in Rockford, Illinois have publicly expressed their disappointment in the 56-year-old man’s alleged actions. The reasoning behind his actions is sparking discussion on social media about the right and wrong way to deal with bullying.

Williams allegedly approached a group of elementary students who allegedly got into a fight with his 13-year-old daughter at a bus stop. When he confronted them, he allegedly brandished a cane. He also reportedly called police for assistance, but they didn’t show up quickly enough for his liking. That’s when he allegedly got into his SUV, and things spun out of control.

A cellphone video showing the incident depicts the angry dad charging his SUV at a group of students. As the video shows, the children run to safety out of reach of the man’s vehicle, but he aggressively drove down the sidewalk in an apparent attempt at either hitting the children or stirring fear after they allegedly beat up his daughter.

Roy Williams, Jr. faces charges of aggravated assault with a vehicle and assault with a deadly weapon, among other charges associated with the recent incident. 9 News reports that the man is being held in jail on bond in the amount of $200,000.

This angry dad isn’t the first parent to lose his cool with schoolchildren — especially in regards to bullying and related incidents. Last year, a California dad attacked his son’s bully on a school bus in Richmond. CBS News reported that Burns Hurd was charged with child abuse and corporal injury to a child in the 2014 incident. A Florida mom was accused of the same behavior when the security camera on a bus captured her assaulting her son’s alleged bully. Also this year, two different moms in California were arrested when they also attacked their son’s bullies inside a school cafeteria.

The issue with bullying is of growing interest, especially on social media. This case, like others, has attracted discussion on sites like Twitter, Facebook, and other social networks — in particular about whether or not enough is done for victims of bullying. Do you think Roy Williams, Jr. went too far, or was he a father who simply wanted to protect his bullied daughter?

[Photo: Winnebago County Sheriff mugshot/Roy Williams, Jr.]