Tampa Bay Area Flooding: Evacuations Ordered Following Heavy Rains

Torrential rains in Western Florida, particularly the Tampa Bay area, has resulted in water-logging and flooding in several areas across the region. According to Bay News 9, several businesses in the area have been closed after authorities ordered evacuations in at least one subdivision. Several people were rescued from mobile home parks as well, Weather reported.

According to ClickOrlando, officials from the Pasco County Office of Emergency Management issued an evacuation order on Monday morning after heavy rains caused flooding in the area. The report adds that the water level in the Anclote River, which flows nearby, is expected to breach the danger mark and rise to 24 feet by Monday afternoon. This is considered to be a major flood stage. Officials have asked residents living in Anclote river Estates near Elfers to leave the area due to the fear of rising flood waters. By Monday evening, the weather department expected the Anclote river to crest at a level just 5 inches below the crest that was observed during the 2012 tropical storm Debby.

Meanwhile, some reports have dubbed the floods as being the worst to hit the area in 65 years.

Airport officials in the meantime added that most flights arriving into Tampa were halted and did not receive clearance to depart, although there are reports of some flights now starting to depart.

In other incidents, there are also reports of several cars stranded south of Hudson, Florida owing to rising water levels. The city of Tampa also issued a press release which added that over 44 stretches of roads and intersections were closed due to flooding following the heavy downpour.

As per the last count, the area near Hudson received over 7.5 inches of rain since midnight. Apart from the rains, residents were also facing 43 miles per hour wind gusts. A caution order has been put in place by the Florida Highway Patrol.

Meanwhile, some have come to the rescue of residents affected by the Tampa flooding. They have received sandbags which have been made available at Jackson Heights Playground and City of Tampa Solid Waste, Bay News 9 reported.

Are you a resident of the area affected by the Tampa Bay area flooding? If yes, these are the numbers you should keep handy to report things.

All flooding issues 24/7 : (813) 274-3101.

Tree limbs blocking the right of way: (813) 274-5744.

[Photo by Marianna Massey/Getty Images]