Ronda Rousey Defeats Bethe Correia Then Teams Up With 'Kung Fu Panda' Like Game? [Video]

Ronda Rousey just roused up a victory against Bethe Correia in Brazil. And she's also the new spokesperson for a game that's very similar to Kung Fu Panda— Taichi Panda.

If you've kept up with Rousey's stats and highlights, you know that recently, she defeated Brazilian martial artist Bethe Correia in a matter of seconds.

There was a lot of stir about the fight because Correia was incredibly boastful about her skill. However, once in the ring, Ronda boasted with her moves rather than intimidation tactics.Well, it seems that on top of her spectacular win and endorsement by Monster headphones, Ronda Rousey has picked up another one with Taichi Panda, The Warrior's Path. As reports Touch Arcade, Rousey is really into the game and says that she can relate to it.

Ronda Rousey Defeats Bethe Correia Then Teams Up With 'Kung Fu Panda' Like Game [Video] - Full
Credits: Twitter
"In Taichi Panda, you have to beat down opponents using kung fu and magic. The game is about building up your warrior, taking on other players in matches, learning their weaknesses and playing up your strengths to win. In a lot of ways it's similar to my own experience with MMA. You've got to strive to be the best, work hard to find that inner fighter and let it loose."
It makes sense that Rousey would acquire such an endorsement, since she's practically the face of MMA right now. Relevantly speaking, she did beat out Floyd Mayweather's candidacy for "Best Fighter of the Year" at the 2015 Espy's. During Ronda Rousey's acceptance speech, she trash-talked him as well. As reports Fox Sports News, she stated as follows.
"I wonder how Floyd feels being beat by a woman for once. I'd like to see you pretend to not know who I am now."
So, yes. Rousey as the spokesperson for Taichi Panda seems legit.

What are your thoughts about Ronda's recent successes? She's still undefeated.

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