Calum Hood Wants To Rock The Charts But New Single Bombs

Calum Hood and his band-mates in 5 Seconds of Summer are desperate to shake their boy-band image and to establish themselves as a bona-fide pop-punk rock band.

Just last week, it was reported in Inquisitr that Hood wanted to bring rock music back to the charts. Hood and his pals surprised fans by dropping a new single, “She’s Kinda Hot,” unexpectedly, and the song was an instant hit with the band’s fans. Hood indicated that the single was a taste of what is to come from 5SOS when their sophomore album gets released.

Hood was less than complimentary about chart music and radio-friendly pop, and wasted no time in saying so when he spoke to News Corp. Hood even claimed that he thought 5SOS have what it takes to become the worlds biggest band.

“Hopefully we introduce a bit more guitar on the radio and inspire some people to pick up guitars. We love rock music and we want to hear it back on mainstream radio. I am sick and tired of hearing all this bulls**t on the radio, if I am going to be honest. It is driving me insane.”

Sadly, for Hood, it seems that the general public may not agree with Calum’s assessment of 5SOS’s potential, as “She’s Kinda Hot” has bombed after just one week. Hood and company may have hit No. 1 in download charts on release, but it has dropped dramatically just about everywhere.

Hood and his mates will be disappointed that their “hit” single peaked at No. 18 on the U.K. charts and, according to the official charts company, it has dropped out of the top 40, falling to No. 52 after just one week. In their native Australia, News Corp reports that Hood and his pals debuted at No. 6 in the Australian chart and slumped to No. 40 after just a week. Apparently, the single sold just 3,677 copies in Australia in its second week.

Hood and 5SOS will be encouraged by the fact that “She’s Kinda Hot” has had over seven million views on YouTube in the two weeks since its release. They will also be hoping that the release of an official video will help to boost sales of the single. At the end of this month, 5SOS are releasing an EP which will include the current single and a further three new songs. Calum Hood will undoubtedly be hoping that the EP will fare better than the single.

[Photo by Kevin Winter / Getty Images]