‘Days Of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Murder Mystery Brings Death To Salem

Days of Our Lives fans won’t be disappointed this fall as the NBC soap will celebrate its 50th anniversary with love, laughter, big character returns, and of course a very dramatic murder mystery.

According to Entertainment Weekly, Days of Our Lives viewers will be engaged from August until November with nothing but intense drama, which includes multiple deaths.

“In late August, an elaborate murder mystery plot kicks off that will see several of Salem’s residents — and perhaps even some of the town’s former, fan-favorite residents — meeting their demise.”

That’s right, fans will be glued to their television screens to find out which Salem residents will be killed, who the killer is, and where he’ll strike next. Could your favorite character be killed off?

Meanwhile, some cast departure rumors have been circulating. Characters such as Paige, Xander, Daniel, Aiden, and more have all been rumored to be leaving Days of Our Lives, and therefore could be facing their demise very soon.

By Nov. 8, the week of the official 50th anniversary, the murder mystery will come to a head with a “huge reveal,” NBC promises fans.

In addition to characters leaving the soap, many former characters are also returning to celebrate the anniversary. Former favorites such as Shawn Brady, Belle Black, Philip Kiriakis, Andre DiMera, Bo Brady, Steve “Patch” Johnson, Sami Brady, and more will all return to Salem, but will some of them leave in a body bag?

As many Days of Our Lives fans will remember, the last time there was multiple murders was when the Salem Stalker was on the loose. The stalker killed many fan favorites including Alice Horton, Maggie Horton, Jack Deveraux, Abe Carver, and many more. The killer turned out to be Marlena Evans in a shocking twist, but it was revealed that the murders were all staged, and those murdered were being held hostage on a remote island by none other than Salem villain Stefano DiMera.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Days of Our Lives has reportedly been renewed for another year by NBC and all the hype surrounding the 50th anniversary is likely the reason. People have been tuning in more often increasing the ratings of the soap, and once the new writers’ story lines are in full effect the show will only be getting better leaving viewers wanting more!

What are your thoughts on the latest Days of Our Lives spoilers and upcoming murder mystery plot?

[Photo By: Mike Windle/Getty Images]