Cristiano Ronaldo Storms Off Set – Star Footballer Gets Upset And Walks Off When Asked About Corruption In FIFA [Video]

An otherwise calm and courteous Ronaldo stormed off the set during an interview when he was asked about his views on the current corruption scandal that has devastated FIFA.

It appeared to be a great interview with living football legend Cristiano Ronaldo until the host broached the topic of corruption within the ranks of Fédération Internationale de Football Association or FIFA. This seemed to aggravate Ronaldo, who instantly stormed off, abandoning the set and the interview, reported The Daily Mail.

Ronaldo was speaking to CNN en Español while on a sponsorship tour with Nike, reported Sport Act. The anchor, Andres Oppenheimer, was interested in knowing about Ronaldo’s new line of sporting headphones that he was about to launch. However, he was clearly more interested in getting inside information on the corruption within FIFA. While the footballer would have certainly relished the opportunity to promote his products, Oppenheimer managed to upset Ronaldo by sticking to a topic the footballer had no interest in discussing.

Oppenheimer literally put Ronaldo on the spot by asking about his views on the corruption scandal currently plaguing FIFA. The accusations against leading FIFA officials is making big waves internationally and has even threatened the FIFA World Cup 2022 that’s going to be held in Qatar.

While Ronaldo tried to remain calm, Oppenheimer continued his barrage of questions pertaining to the sensitive issue that was clearly making the footballer upset, reported CNN. At one point, Ronaldo clearly had enough, and before Oppenheimer could make peace with Ronaldo, the annoyed guest removed his headphones and stormed off the set,

“I can’t speak like that. This is bulls**t. Speak about FIFA, I don’t care about FIFA. And Qatar…I don’t give a f**k. What you want me to do? Speak about product, he speaks about FIFA…come on.”

It was quite apparent that Ronaldo was called for the interview and was under the impression he was going to talk about his headphones, which he had in his hands. However, instead of this being a promotional interview, it quickly went downhill, and Ronald clearly didn’t appreciate being cornered like that and stormed off.

The corruption scandal is indeed one of the biggest ones to hit FIFA in recent times. President Sepp Blatter appears all set to step down after 17 years as head of the organization. Moreover, many have raised strong objections to Qatar’s hosting of the 2022 World Cup. While everyone would like to know what the star players feel about the issues, perhaps Oppenheimer crossed a line by asking Ronaldo questions about the FIFA scandal.

Do you think Ronaldo was right to leave the set or should he expect to be asked questions about the biggest football scandal in decades, if not ever?

[Image Credit | Laurence Griffiths / Getty Images]