‘Bad Girls Club’ Natalie Nunn Fights Over Uber Ride

Natalie Nunn’s fight over her Uber ride Sunday taught someone a lesson, and the lesson for the couple who tried to jack her Uber is simple: don’t mess with a Bad Girl, especially if the Bad Girl is Natalie Nunn. Sunday night in Sacramento, a couple of late night partiers thought an Uber car was there for the taking, but the ride belonged to Natalie and her husband, former Arena football player Jacob Payne.

According to TMZ, Nunn’s rep said that when Natalie and Jacob came out of the nightclub where they’d been enjoying drinks, “the guy half of the couple immediately started swinging,” and a fight broke out. It went from bad to worse, and TMZ reports that Natalie claims the guy actually hit her in the face.

Afterwards, Natalie took to Twitter to “clear the air,” and post a blow-by-blow about the incident, describing how it turned into a fight. Nunn said that she and Payne were out for a birthday party with friends, and ordered the Uber to be safe and “not drinking and driving.” They got into the car before noticing the other couple, who ran up to the Uber “screaming and yelling” at Natalie and Jacob.

Nunn claims the couple were arrested and went to jail, but TMZ only reports that though police responded, “no charges were filed and no one was arrested.”

Someone caught the fight on video (of course), and it looks crazy!

As Oxygen points out, who’d want to mess with this?

Uber is an alternative to traditional taxi services, and has spread quickly throughout the world. The company has faced a lot of problems in its fight to the top, and taken them in stride. Accusations of tax evasion, illegally operating transportation services, protests, and attacks on the cars by taxi drivers are all in a day’s work for Uber, but they probably never expected an all out brawl between customers.

TattleTailzz caught another angle of the big fight on video and posted to Instagram Monday morning with a caption that seemed to approve of Natalie and Jacob’s reaction to being attacked and spit on. “Spitting on someone is one of the most disgusting things ever thats normally when you get a pass to beat someones ass.”


What do you think? Was the fight over the Uber ride justified?

[Image via Oxygen]