Will Smith, Jada Pinkett Smith Divorce: Will And Jada Are Rumored To Be Heading For A Divorce With Secret Settlement For $240 Million Fortune

Let’s just call this the year love dies. Allegedly. Rumors are swirling that Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith are the next couple that are heading for a divorce.

The couple, who have been married for 17 years, are reportedly heading to divorce court; according to Radar Online, Will and Jada are working out a secret settlement for their $240 million dollar fortune that they both share.

Radar quotes an alleged insider as saying, “For Will and Jada, holding it together these past few years has been tough because their marriage has been on life support for a long time.”

The source continued to speak about the rumored trials and tribulations the Smiths have gone through in the wake of swirling rumors.

“They’re exhausted from trying to maintain the façade of a happy union.They’ve decided to pull the plug in a carefully choreographed manner, [and] agree announcing their split at the end of the summer is the right move.”

As for their $240 million dollar fortune, the source alleged that the couple has “worked out a confidential settlement to protect their $240 million fortune, and prepare their kids [son Jaden, 17, and daughter Willow, 14] for the fallout.”

Will and Jada have remained a united front during some pretty nasty rumors — one being that Jada Pinkett-Smith had an affair with her Hawthorne co-star Marc Anthony back in 2011.

By the time 2015 rolled around, rumors spread that Will Smith was having an affair with his Focus co-star Margot Robbie. A source told OK!, “She’s seen them on the red carpet together — they’re all over each other. She’s known Will for 20 years, so it’s pretty obvious when he’s got the hots for someone. And she [Jada] doesn’t trust Margot one bit.”

Both of these gossip items were squashed by a slew of reps, but rumors still persisted that not everything was all well with Will and Jada, despite their allegedly open relationship. Back in June, Jada made comments that made the headlines about the nature of her marriage to Will. At the time, she told Howard Stern that she wasn’t “his watcher.”

Stern brought up her old comment she had made to Oprah about Will being able to sleep with someone else if he wanted to, “as long as he could look at himself in the mirror.” Jada replied, “Look I’m not here to be anybody’s watcher. I’m not his watcher. He’s a grown man.”

In addition, Jada said that she was “too young” when she and Will got hitched, but says that he’s a “gangster partner.”

“Here’s what I trust. The man that Will is, is a man of integrity. So he’s got all the freedom in the world. So as long as Will can look at himself in the mirror and be OK? I’m good.”

Are you surprised by the rumored split?

[Photo by Kevin Winter / Getty Images]