WWE Rumors: One Huge Name To Show Up On Tonight’s ‘RAW,’ Another Big Name Pulled From The Show

With less than three weeks to go until WWE SummerSlam, there is a lot riding on each and every show until then. Tonight’s Monday Night RAW is promising to be a big one, but there is still a lot that isn’t known, such as what matches will happen at the big Pay-Per-View? What is known is that one huge name will be back on RAW tonight, and another big name has been pulled.

WWE has released its official preview for tonight’s Monday Night RAW, and it promotes the return of Brock Lesnar.

brock lesnar monday night raw

Lesnar hasn’t been seen or heard from since his gigantic brawl with The Undertaker on RAW. That night, Taker got to do a lot of talking about their match at WWE SummerSlam, but Lesnar and Paul Heyman didn’t say a whole lot.

Heyman was in the ring talking about the match and The Undertaker when the lights went out, and the Deadman showed up in the ring. Scared out of his wits, Heyman began to back up, but then Lesnar sprinted out, and the brawl was on.

It took almost the entire locker room to separate the two men, and it still didn’t work. They battled all the way backstage and throughout various parts of the arena before finally being separated.

The question for tonight is — will The Undertaker show up again?

Now, one superstar certainly won’t be in attendance at tonight’s RAW, and that is John Cena. After having his nose broken last week by Seth Rollins, Cena underwent emergency surgery on his injury and has been pulled from numerous WWE events.

Cena was removed from this past weekend’s events, tonight’s RAW, the Australian tour that WWE has coming up, and next week’s Monday Night RAW, as well. There is still no confirmation if Cena and Rollins will have a WWE Title match at SummerSlam as rumored, but the injury puts things in jeopardy.

A few other key points that WWE is showcasing for tonight’s Monday Night RAW are as follows.

  • Kevin Owens will look to retaliate against Cesaro.
  • Who will get the next shot at the Prime Time Players’ tag team titles?
  • A tease is made about an “arrow, red or otherwise” which seems to hint more at the feud between Stardust and Arrow star Stephen Amell partnered with Neville.

WWE SummerSlam has just one match confirmed for the four-hour event, and it is certain that Brock Lesnar will be on Monday Night RAW tonight. John Cena will definitely not be there, and The Undertaker may show up, but will Sting or Stardust or Cesaro or Kevin Owens? Only time will tell.

[Image via WWE]