Interview: ‘Girl Code’ Stars Carly Aquilino And Nessa Diab Talk The Perfectly Imperfect Initiative

Straight off their hit show on MTV, Girl Code, Nessa Diab and Carly Aquilino stopped to talk with the Inquisitr about their new initiative, “Perfectly Imperfect.”

Inquisitr: What exactly is the “Perfectly Imperfect” initiative and how does it impact the women of the current generation?

Nessa Diab: “Plan-B One Step launched the ‘Perfectly Imperfect’ initiative to help women, and everyone in general, to have an open conversation about being perfect and how that affects so many of us with our knowledge of emergency contraception. I think that a lot of times we’re so focused on trying to be perfect and all the pressures from society that we don’t know how to act when something isn’t perfect.”

“That’s life, and so we’re here to encourage a conversation amongst everyone to feel comfortable to ask questions and to get the accurate information that you need. Everything you need is at”

Inquisitr: How long did it take you both to find the information necessary for this initiative to take off and start this project?

Nessa Diab: “We studied a lot. Just like so many women out there, before getting involved with ‘Perfectly Imperfect,’ we didn’t know a lot of the facts. That’s why we’re here, because we realize how important it is to share this information with other people.”

Carly Aquilino: “I think that the statistics said it’s 50% of the women didn’t know as much as they thought they did. I would be one of them. If I had been a part of that survey, I’d be there for sure. I didn’t know a lot about the information either.”

Inquisitr: Do you think social media will have a positive or negative impact on this?

Carly Aquilino: “I think social media will have a positive impact on it if we keep encouraging each other and supporting each other to go out and find the facts and learn these things. Social media is a blessing and a curse. It can go whichever way you see it, but I think this campaign is a positive part of social media.”

“When other things might bring you down, it might be the reason why some people have insecurities. This is saying, ‘Hey, nobody is perfect.’ Things happen to everybody, so I think that’s a really important thing this campaign is setting out there.”

Nessa Diab: “It’s okay to have questions and it’s alright to want to learn more. That’s why everything is up online at Everything is right there, in case you’re not comfortable to talk to someone yet.”

[Photo by David Becker/Getty Images for iHeartMedia]