Meghan King Edmonds Hates That ‘RHOC’ Affects Her Extended Family

Meghan King Edmonds feels The Real Housewives of Orange County hasn’t been fair to her family. Just two weeks after the death of LeAnn Edmonds, the first wife of Jim Edmonds, the reality star took to Twitter, where she slammed the network for their treatment of her extended family.

On August 3, 2 Paragraphs reported on Meghan King Edmonds’ tweet.

“Love my family. I hate that this show (my choices) affect the fam members u don’t even see… My step Lauren and LeAnn’s parents- not fair to them.”

Meghan King Edmonds began appearing on The Real Housewives of Orange County during Season 10 as a new cast member. Since joining, Meghan King Edmonds has struggled to deal with what comes with reality television fame. Following the death of LeAnn Edmonds, the reality star made waves when she addressed the death in multiple interviews, even sharing funeral details with press, and leaving her step-daughter, Haley, just two days after her mother died.

On social media, Meghan King Edmonds has been accused of being a neglectful step-parent for leaving Haley, 17, so soon, and some have even claimed she’s used LeAnn Edmonds’ death to garner herself more publicity.

As the Inquisitr previously reported, a follower of Meghan King Edmonds on Instagram called her out last week for leaving Haley in Orange County, while she traveled to New York City to appear on Watch What Happens Live, and participate in several interviews.

“I’m concerned with her leaving her step daughter immediately after her mom died (2 days) to go to baseball games, clubs, watch what happens live, etc.. Of course I will be attacked for my opinion, that’s fine and yes [by the way] I have been in her situation and I stayed with the teen for weeks.”

In response to the woman on Instagram, Meghan King Edmonds explained, “[Haley] had an open invitation to go to stl with her dad, Washington with her grandma or NYC with me. She chose to stay in OC with her sister and stepdad.”

In addition to parenting backlash, Meghan King Edmonds has also faced “gold digger” comments, which began when Vicki Gunvalson put her on the spot about not working, despite not having any children of her own. According to Meghan King Edmonds, however, she quit her job to be closer to Haley.

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[Photo via Bravo]