Happy Birthday Tony Bennett! Lady Gaga Delivered Quite The Surprise

Today, the world is celebrating a special occasion: Happy birthday Tony Bennett! And Lady Gaga delivered quite the surprise to commemorate it.

Saturday marked the final night for the duo’s 7-month concert tour, which was sold-out from beginning to end. Knowing that his 89th birthday was just days away, Lady Gaga wanted to do something extra special for Tony on their final tour night. That’s when she decided to surprise him with the biggest cake you’ve every seen and a rousing birthday serenade.

The audience sang along to “Happy Birthday,” as Tony laughed and stared in awe at the giant five-tier cake with miniature figurines of Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett holding dogs. It was complete with a set of sparkler candles surrounding the bottom layer. The detail on the cake is incredible, and it’s not one that Bennett is likely to forget!

Lady Gaga let fans in on the secret before the show, giving them the feeling of being “in” on the surprise. She tweeted as follows.

“Tony doesn’t check the internet too much so I wanted to show you the surprise we got him for tonight’s final show!”

She also shared a photo of her standing next to the ginormous cake. The top of the cake didn’t quite make it into the frame, and it came with the caption:

“When the Birthday cake you got Tony is too big for Instagram!”

Even though Tony is on social media, Gaga had a suspicion that he doesn’t check his accounts often enough to see it, and she was right. Bennett was utterly surprised by Gaga’s display of affection.

It’s no secret that Bennett and Gaga have a special connection, but it’s not a romantic connection in any way. Bennett seems to be happily married to his current wife, Susan Crow, and Lady Gaga is anxiously awaiting her upcoming nuptials with actor Taylor Kinney. The Gaga-Bennett relationship feels more like an unexpected, father-daughter kind of link that leaks into their professional lives.

On the outside, they look like a bit of an odd couple with entirely different senses of style and personality, but the duo seems to work. They have been on 7-month concert tour, entitled Cheek to Cheek, in which they traveled the country as a jazz-inspired singing duo.

Fans can’t get enough of the duo, especially with the adorable way that Tony calls Lady Gaga “Lady.” In a rare Instagram post, he shared a photo of he and “Lady” with the caption below.

“Finishing off our sold out Cheek to Cheek Tour at the wonderful Kennedy Center tonight. Hope we can tour again. Lady is a great person and a great performer.”

Both those who were lucky enough to see their show and those who couldn’t get tickets echo this sentiment. Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga make quite the pairing, and we all hope this isn’t the last time we see them performing together.

[Image via USA Today]