Asian Women Could Earn $20,000, Just For Egg 'Donation'

Melissa Stusinski

Egg "donation" to infertile couples can earn the donator around $6,000, unless you are a young Asian woman. These women can easily earn $10,000 to $20,000 in the latest example of supply and demand.

Linda Kline, a 26-year-old Chinese and Vietnamese woman (her maiden name is Tran) jokes that her eggs are "inventory," and it's really hard to argue with that definition. She states she has donated her eggs three times, and earned a total of $26,000.

Her donation went through the Baby Miracles agency in San Marcos, California. Kline states that:

"They told me they had doubled the compensation for Asian donors because they were so sought-after. They said it was difficult to find Asian donors.
"A poor black woman or a poor Hispanic woman doesn't suffer less than someone who is Asian or Jewish or a Stanford graduate. "The fact that we think of these gametes as having particular worth depending on race and class is really one of the starkest examples of how capitalism has entered the market in human parts."
"There is an absence of regulation in pricing eggs, so it's not illegal to pay more depending on a women's race and ethnicity, where she went to school, what her SAT score is. When you look at pricing practices, the eggs themselves are treated like commodities, with more valuable traits receiving higher compensation."