Snoop Dogg Lost $200,000 Of His $422,000 At Italian Airport

Snoop Dogg was recently stopped at an Italian Airport for carrying too much money. The D.O. double G rapper was found carrying $422,820 in cash, which is well over the maximum $10K amount that passengers can bring through the European Union borders without having it declared.

About half of Snoop Dogg’s money was seized from Italian authorities at the airport in Calabria. According to a previous CNN report, the Italian Finance Police seized $205,933 of Dogg’s money. It’s unclear whether the rapper will get the remainder of his money back. Dogg’s reps have not responded back for comment on this recent controversy.

The “Drop It Like It’s Hot” rapper told police that the reason he was carrying the cash was to pay his band for the concerts in Italy and another location, according a source. Snoop Dogg, whose real name is Calvin Cordozar Broadus Jr., then left for his next concert, which was scheduled to take place in London. The financial police are currently investigating the matter, including Dogg’s Italian concert and how he was paid for it.

Half of the money was impounded, but it’s likely that it will be returned to Snoop after he gets fined. The rapper hasn’t had the best time while traveling and touring in Europe. Snoop was arrested by Swedish police after they thought he was under the influence of drugs after his concert last week.

The rapper formerly known as Snoop Lion believes that he was a victim of racial profiling in the country. According to Snoop, he was taken out of his vehicle and asked numerous questions. Authorities said they arrested the rapper because they believe he was under the influence of drugs. Snoop says he was taken to a police station and forced to submit a drug test, in which he says came out negative. Snoop’s recent run-in with the law happened at Uppsala, Sweden, just a day after he performed in the city.

However, authorities told TMZ that Dogg’s not totally in the clear yet. A police spokesperson believes that the performer showed signs of driving under the influence. According to authorities, it could take up to two weeks to receive the lab test results. Police also slammed Snoop’s accusations of racial profiling by saying, “We don’t work like that in Sweden.”

Authorities also told TMZ that Dogg was not driving during the time of his arrest, he was just a passenger. But police say that both Dogg and the driver showed signs of being under the influence while inside the vehicle.

In addition, marijuana is illegal in the country of Sweden, so Dogg could still face some criminal charges. If the lab test results come back positive, he could face trial.

It looks like both of Snoop’s run-in with the laws are currently under investigation until more information emerges. Snoop has carried on with his world tour, which last took place at Kendal Calling 2015 in the U.K. over the weekend.

[Image: Theo Wargo / Getty Images for Firefly]