'Game Of Thrones' Ending After Season 8, Ian McShane Cast In Season 6

Game of Thrones is ending after Season 8. The popular series ending has left many fans in shock. Faithful viewers appear to be excited about Ian McShane joining the cast in the upcoming season. The "Jon Snow is dead" debate is still raging, with speculation about an afterlife reprieve enhanced after actor Kit Harington was spotted during GoT Season 6 filming in Belfast just a few weeks ago.

HBO programming executive Michael Lombardo discussed the Game of Thrones ending and the Jon Snow is dead debate during a Television Critics Association press tour late last week.

"Obviously we're shooting season six now, hopefully discussing seven," Lombardo said. "I think their feeling is we're looking at two more seasons after six. I'm hoping they'll change their minds, but that's what we're looking at right now."

GoT was nominated for eight Primetime Emmy Awards, including a bid to win in the best drama series category. When asked if Games of Thrones showrunners would be open to discussions about a prequel series, Lomdardo said that he would be open to anything Dan Benioff and David Weiss would like to do with the series. He added that no discussions about a possible Games of Thrones prequel have yet occurred.

Lombardo had this to say about the Jon Snow is dead speculation by fans and the level of violence on the series.

"Dead is dead. He is dead. Yes, everything I've seen, heard and read, Jon Snow is indeed dead. This show has had violence as part of one of its many threads from the first episode. I can't speak to any single person's particular taste … I think the show is phenomenal. It hit 20 million viewers this year. And I'll be honest you with you, I think there are no two showrunners who are more careful about not overstepping what they think the line is — and everyone has their own line, I understand — but doing things that are critical for the storytelling and I support them fully artistically."
Ian McShane is reportedly joining the GoT Season 6 cast. McShane was a fan favorite when playing the character of Al Swearengen on the HBO series, Deadwood. Details about the McShane Game of Thrones character are currently being kept tightly under wraps. According to Entertainment Weekly, GoT will be jumping headfirst into a narrative not yet revealed in A Song of Ice and Fire books written by George R.R. Martin.

What do you think about Game of Thrones ending after Season 8 and the Jon Snow is dead debate?

[Image via HBO]