Woman Leaves Her Dogs To Starve To Death In Empty House And Then Throws Their Corpses Out With The Trash

A woman who let her two dogs starve to death in an empty house before throwing their corpses out with the garbage has been found guilty of causing unnecessary suffering and given an 18-week suspended sentence.

The Daily Mail reports that, following a split with her boyfriend, British woman, Sheridan Greer, 23, moved out of her terrace house in Burnley, Lancashire, after locking her two young Staffordshire bull terriers in a kitchen without food or water.

Over a period of four weeks, 12-month-old Patch and 18-month-old Duke were forced to fend for themselves, and died a slow and agonizing death as they were forced to scavenge from bin bags and bare cupboards in a frantic bid to stay alive.

In their desperation to survive, Patch and Duke attempted to eat discarded bottles of cola, old dish cloths, sweet wrappers, and even empty tin cans.

When Police and RSPCA inspectors raided the home, they found the bodies of Patch and Duke had been callously tossed out with the trash.

Greer admitted to dragging the bodies of the dogs into the back yard when she discovered they were dead.

The Mirror reports that a post-mortem showed that both dogs weighed 11 kilos when they died, 20 per cent less than 14 kilos they should have weighed.

Inspector Lyndsey Taylor of the RSPCA explained Patch and Duke would have died a slow and painful death.

“The scene in the house was appalling. The smell was overpowering and the mess was shocking.

“In the kitchen the two dogs had been left without any food or water. It seems the dogs had got into the bin and it was clear that they were so hungry that they had tried to eat dog food tins.

“There were rags in their system which showed what they had resorted to eating dish cloths. Leaving those dogs to starve to death is a heartless and callous thing to do.

“They would have died a slow and painful death. Seeing those dogs when we first went to the house is an image that will stay with me forever.

“They had died in the kitchen and then were thrown out like pieces of rubbish. We understand that after she moved out she had actually been coming back to the property but she still let them starve to death.

“She probably couldn’t cope with looking after the pets but that is no excuse for what she did.”

Greer’s excuse for her actions was that because she had split up with her boyfriend and her benefits had been cut, she couldn’t cope, and chose to abandon the dogs rather than seek help or pick up the phone and inform the authorities.

Greer also left her two pet cats to fend for themselves, but they survived.

The court heard that Greer returned to the terraced house where Patch and Duke starved to death on several occasions but neglected to give the dogs any food or water.

Burnley Magistrates Court handed Greer an 18-week suspended prison sentence, and the single mother was ordered to pay £200 costs and an £80 victim surcharge. Greer was also banned from keeping pets for life.

A former neighbour of Greer believes she should have received a prison sentence for causing the slow and painful deaths of Patch and Duke.

“What she did to those poor animals was a dreadful thing. She should have got a prison sentence. She’s known as the dog killer around here.”

(Image Via RSPCA/Cavendish Press)