Watch UFO Overtake Virgin Atlantic Flight Taking Off From JFK Airport

An amateur videographer claims to have captured on video footage showing a fast-moving UFO flying past a Virgin Atlantic passenger jet taking off from the John F. Kennedy International Airport, Queens, New York.

The video shows a UFO that appears behind a commercial airliner taking off from the airport. The UFO appears to increase speed as it passes swiftly over the airliner.

The strange footage has caught the attention of the online UFO community and sparked speculation in UFO forums about alien presence at the JFK airport.

Some enthusiasts declared that the UFO was an alien “flying saucer” filmed from the side.

The footage was posted online on July 7, 2015, by LookNowTV, which notes that the object appears to morph as it overtakes the commercial airliner, expanding and contracting in the process.

But according to the YouTube channel, the footage, captured by an airplane enthusiast and UFO hunter, looks authentic.

“The person that saw this UFO at JFK films planes often and looks to catch UFOs on video… I thought this one doesn’t look like a bug or another plane in the background. I have no reason to believe this guy is a hoax. It’s really unidentified.

I shared it with my friends to get further opinions on it, and we could not come to a definitive conclusion on what the object might be so I decided to go with it and share it online.”

According to Rick, spokesperson for LookNowTV, his channel receives hundreds of videos that appear to show UFOs but “are obviously bugs or birds zipping on by in frame.”

But this footage does not appear to be one of those.

UFO Overtaks Virgin Atlantic Jet At JFK

He added, “I could post them [fake UFO videos] but I try not to anger my subscribers as I feel they deserve something worth looking at. When something looks really unusual like this we will post it.”

Despite the consensus in the UFO community that the video shows an authentic UFO sighting, the Daily Mail reports that British UFOlogist, Russ Kellett, expressed doubts, pointing to the anomalous behavior of the alleged UFO as it overtakes the passenger jet.

“It seems to get narrower and wider as it’s moving, it’s hard to say. I always send footage to an expert to image enhancement as it looks good but unfortunately it could be anything.

There should be nothing getting that close to an aircraft.”

Kellett observed that from one angle the object does not look like a bird, but from a different angle it looks like a bird.

“It comes behind from the aeroplane’s tail, you can tell it’s behind but it does move sort of like a bird, when something’s moving when the wings are flapping. If it’s moving away, it will give that appearance.”

[Image: YouTube/LooknowTV]