Louis Tomlinson: Father Running Scared After Blackmail Threats

Last week it emerged that One Direction star Louis Tomlinson was being “blackmailed” by his natural father. It was reported in Inquisitr that Tomlinson was being threatened by his natural father Troy Austin. It was reported that Austin had said that he would release “bombshell” information that would tear Louis’s family apart. Bizarrely, reports in the Mirror claim that these threats were Austin’s attempt to secure a reconciliation with Louis.

Tomlinson has not spoken a word to Austin since the pair had a falling out over three years ago. Austin ran out on Tomlinson’s mother when Louis was just five years old, and the One Direction star later took his step-dad Mark Tomlinson’s name as his own. Now Mark Tomlinson has fanned the flames of the row between Louis and his natural father by taking to social media to slam Austin.

Mr Tomlinson took to Twitter to send a very clear message to Austin. The message read “Blackmail??? Stupid man. Got a good mind to pay you a visit!!!”


According to the Mirror, Austin is treating Tomlinson’s message as a threat. Austin said, “I’ve had threats, I’ve had his dad wanting to meet up or something.” Mark Tomlinson is no longer with Louis’ mom, Johanna, but is still close to Louis and is clearly protective of him.

The claims that Austin was making threats against Tomlinson came from a third party and not from Austin himself. As a result of the story, Austin was bombarded with threats and abuse by Tomlinson’s fans. Unreality TV even claims that Austin received death threats from Louis’s fans.

As a result Austin has been trying to distance himself from the claims that he was trying to blackmail Tomlinson.

“I’ve had death threats, I’ve had his dad wanting to meet up or something like: ‘I ought to pay you a visit.’ Any chance at all of me and Louis having a reunion now has blown out of the water after this about me having a bombshell.”

“It’s all a load of rubbish – I never would say that. What I want to say to Louis is that, in his own time, I’d like to talk. But I can wait.”

Austin insists that he does want to try to repair his relationship with Louis, especially now that Tomlinson is reportedly going to become a father himself.

Yahoo! Celebrity reported that Louis Tomlinson has remained quiet about the furore and as yet has made no comment about his reported impending fatherhood.

[Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images]