Ronda Rousey’s Win Inspired By Hurtful Comments? There Are A Lot Of Other Reasons Behind The 34 Second Knockout

Ronda Rousey knocking out local favorite Bethe Correia in mere 34 seconds is a feat not many UFC fans will soon forget. The rapid sequence of punches that rained on Correia were a combination of multiple aspects that has made Rousey an unstoppable force she is today.

Reports indicate Ronda Rousey may have been upset about some comments made by Correia about her family and that she channelized her energy into retaliation in the ring and let her fighting skill speak for her. Apparently, the Brazilian had made a comment that indirectly referred to Rousey’s father’s suicide. Rousey may have entered the ring with the intention of embarrassing Correia and striking where it hurts her the most, her pride.

It is being said Ronda Rousey wanted to embarrass Correia in front of her home crowd and fans by defeating her on her home turf because of what she said after the fight. The inference might be drawn because she reportedly said:

“I hope that nobody really brings up my family anymore when it comes to fights. I hope this is the last time.”

However, it is quite obvious; Ronda Rousey has become a fighting machine. Her undefeated 12-0 MMA record so far is ample proof of her commitment and hard work. She has been training and honing her skills and seems to have developed quite a knack for quickly decimating her opponents instead of tiring them down and then going for the kill.

Explaining her strategy, Rousey said after the fight,

“It kind of went how I expected it. I planned to instead of trying to force a clinch, overwhelm her (by) striking first so that she would want to clinch first, and that’s exactly what happened.”

Moreover, Correia had categorically mentioned she didn’t know about what happened to Rousey’s father and never intended to attack her personally and had even apologized.

What may have worked or inspired Rousey was the death of Hall of Fame wrestler Roddy Piper. The fighter was one of Rousey’s most cherished idols and was even the inspiration behind her “Rowdy” nickname. Before the fight began, Rousey had said:

“We’ve lost a really close friend, `Rowdy’ Roddy Piper, who gave me his permission to use his name as a fighter, so I hope he and my dad had a good time watching this today.”

Ronda Rousey has time and again displayed her humane side and proven she is a world-class athlete. Seeking revenge for some comments certainly isn’t going to help her maintain her winning streak.

[Image Credit | Zufa LLC / Getty Images]