Con Artists Steal The Identities Of Numerous K-Drama Actors — Use Them For Lucrative Theft Of Large Amounts Of Money

Earlier this month, it was reported that K-drama actor Lee Jong Suk was melancholy and upset over the fact a con man tried to steal his identity. It was then reported that with that stolen identity, the con man signed lucrative contracts in order to accumulate large sums of money. Thankfully for the Pinocchio main lead actor, he was aware of the situation and action was taken before anymore damage could be made.

Unfortunately, Lee Jong Suk isn’t the only K-drama actor to suffer from identity theft. New reports now show that numerous others in Korean entertainment have been effected by identity theft too.

For those who did not know about Lee Jong Suk’s identity theft, K-Pop News did a quick synopsis on their YouTube page through the attached video.

Currently, KdramaStars has reported that con artists not only attacked Lee Jong Suk, but also allegedly targeted Park Hae Jin (My Love From The Star), Lee Min Ho (Heirs), and Kim Soo Hyun (Producer). The con artists were looking to make money off of their fame. Apparently, the fraud cases involved the con artists posing as managers for the actors. They would make deals they were not authorized to make, using fake identification.

Needless to say, when the aforementioned actors’ real management found out about the situation, they were livid. Unfortunately, they can only pursue the cases as fraud, such as Lee Jong Suk’s management agency did when they found out about the situation.

“As Lee Jong Suk’s management agency, we have confirmed that the perpetrator used Lee Jong Suk’s personal information and forged documents, gathering investors with hundreds of millions of won. As soon as we realized this, we filed a case with the police against the perpetrator for forgery of documents and fraud, and he was arrested on July 22. We plan to follow through with this case to the end without showing leniency.”

This may not stop con artists from stealing identities though. With Korean actors now becoming more internationally known, con artists will probably continue to seek methods to cash in on their popularity and success.

[Image via Lee Jong Suk’s Facebook Page]