Dallas Cowboys Rumors: Dez Bryant, Tyler Patmon Fight At Cowboys Training Camp

Dallas Cowboys rumors reveal Dez Bryant and Tyler Patmon got into it at training camp. The Cowboys were practicing on the field when the teammates got heated, with video showing that Bryant threw a punch at Patmon. A report from CBS Sports gives several angles of the altercation, including three videos that really break down what took place.

It’s not that surprising that Dez Bryant is at the center of more Dallas Cowboys rumors, especially since he got into a fight with J.J. Wilcox at the 2014 Cowboys training camp. Some NFL analysts will likely call this simply a “scrum” or “scuffle” that takes place with most teams during training camp. The reality, though, is that it could still cause ill feelings to linger between the two teammates.

Bryant already spoke about it, trying to defuse the situation and what had taken place on the field. If Cowboys fans take him for his word, then this seems like a situation that could blow over quickly. It might even serve as an indication that Dez Bryant and Tyler Patmon are simply riled up for the NFL regular season to begin.

“It’s two great competitors going at it. We were chirping a little bit back and forth. I got a little bit overheated…. I was giving him a little bit of mouth, talking about a whole bunch of stuff to him. He was talking back to me, and it just escalated to the next play…. He wasn’t going to back down, I wasn’t going to back down…. At the end of the day, we shook hands, we hugged and we respect one another.”

If nothing else, the topic of these Dallas Cowboys rumors will give the sports shows a lot to talk about on Monday (August 3). Shows like Around the Horn or Pardon the Interruption will likely use the phrase “Dez Bryant fight” to get viewers to tune in as well. For defensive back Tyler Patmon’s part in the dust-up, he also made a statement about the altercation.

“We’re family. It’s intense out here, it’s training camp. It’s part of it…. We love each other.”

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Dez Bryant has 70 million reasons to come into this season happy. His new five-year, $70 million contract from the Cowboys makes him one of the highest paid receivers in the game. That financial security should lend him even more focus during the 2015 NFL season.

The regular season schedule for the Cowboys begins on September 13 when the team hosts the New York Giants. It’s an exciting divisional battle to start the season, giving the team every reason to work hard during Cowboys training camp. While the “scuffle” between Dez Bryant and Tyler Patmon could wind up ending right there, it is still a situation worth watching for the next few weeks. The last thing the team needs, though, is for future Dallas Cowboys rumors to focus on fighting and bickering, rather than the team building for a playoff run.

[Image Source: Rob Carr/Getty Images]