One Direction Makes Surprise Appearances In Midwest, Get Surprises From Fans

One Direction fans are coming out in full force for their On The Road Again Tour — and 1D is showering them with surprise appearances throughout the Midwest along the way.

Unfortunately, one of the One Direction tour surprises may be that Eliza Dushku may have been kicked out of a hotel by one or more of the 1D gents — but rumors have not yet been confirmed.

In the meantime, One Direction has been making surprise appearances throughout the Midwestern parts of the United States, and most of these events have been sports-related.

For example, Louis Tomlinson took time to hang out with the Chicago Fire soccer team around July 23. Niall Horan spent time with Manchester United soccer players in Chicago on July 30, according to the Daily Mail.

Regardless, Liam Payne and Louis Tomlinson did take time off to attend a non-sports event — and One Direction fans got the surprise of their lives. MTV reported the following on August 2.

“What you don’t expect to see [at a large music festival] are members of the biggest boy band in the world just … hanging out on the festival grounds. But that’s what happened on Saturday (August 1), when One Direction members Louis Tomlinson and Liam Payne turned up at Lollapalooza, surprising the life out of fans. While we don’t know exactly what shows they hit — we like to think they were at the Young Thug show rapping along to “Lifestyle” on Friday — we do know that some elated and very lucky Directioners got to hang out with the guys, and somehow managed to keep their composure long enough to snap pics.”

Outside of time off from touring, One Direction has been playing to crowds of excited fans. Indianapolis Star reported on July 31 that some fans traveled thousands of miles for the Indianapolis One Direction concert and stated the following.

“Thirteen-year-old Barbara Pecora traveled from Brazil to catch her first One Direction concert. ‘We heard they’re not coming to South America,’ said Cyro Pecora, Barbara’s dad. ‘It’s a unique opportunity to be able to see them.'”

Fox 59 reports on July 31 that one fan says there was a dominate theme at the Indianapolis One Direction concert that set them apart from other cities on the tour and states, “Since they’re in Indiana, and they’re covered in cornfields, my sign says, it might sound corny, but I’ve been stalking you.”

However, 1D fans have recently decided to give their own share of surprises to One Direction. In particular, fans around the world have decided to make sure One Direction sells a million copies of their fifth album when it is released.

According to Yahoo! U.K., the fan movement for Fifth To A Million states the following about their motives.

“Overall, we’re doing this to show our never ending support for these four boys. Showing them that we aren’t going anywhere soon and we aren’t going to start letting them down. We know they’re not giving up on us when they easily could have called the entire band off with Zayn’s departure, and we’re not giving up on them.”

[Feature image via Tom Purslow/Getty Images]