The Apple Car Is In The Early Stages And Is More Than A Rumor

The rumors about the Apple Car, a collaboration between Apple Inc. and BMW, are more than just rumors. Reportedly, the Apple Car is not only in the making, but it’s already become competition with other smart car contenders like Tesla. Recently, Apple insiders told Reuters that the plans for the Apple-BMW collaboration have been going on for years. Now, the two companies are sharing ideas about the technology. More specifically, BMW reportedly pitched ideas to Apple and the tech giant was pleased with the presentation.

“Apple executives were impressed with the fact that we abandoned traditional approaches to car making and started afresh. It chimed with the way they do things too.”

More proof of Apple Car lies in the fact that Apple Inc. has 202.8 billion to invest in the automotive industry. As a new competitor for Tesla in the smart car world, Apple executives have spoken out about the a relationship with Tesla as well. This is possibly because BMW is holding back information, suspected because there is still a possibility that the Apple Car will not happen for them. However, Apple has made it clear that it will eventually happen, and automotive companies like Tesla are sending smoke signals to the tech giant.

“I want Apple to enter the industry. We believe that Apple could help Tesla in boosting the EV market, but in return, it is expected to only receive a chunk of the market.”

No matter who Apple decides to get in bed with when it finally does take on the automotive industry, the Motley Fool suggests that the company would have an upper hand in the making of smart cars. Specifically, the “icar” as people are calling it, would be able to better accommodate i products like iphones and ipads over other smart cars which are made on different operating systems. Still, there is some concern that Apple will not be able to equally compete with other tech giants, like Google, who has been testing their self-driving cars for months in the Silicon Valley. Another down point could be that electric cars haven’t had high sales recently.

“Plug-in electric vehicle sales accounted for less than 1% of the auto market last year, but it’s a rapidly growing market.” –The Motley Fool

The rumored electric smart car, Apple Car, is definitely happening at some point, based on Apple’s recent statements. However, it is unknown whether Apple will break into the automotive industry with BMW.

[Image via BMW Blog]