‘From Wags To Riches’: Broadway Dog Rescuer, Theatrical Trainer Bill Berloni Debuts In New TV Show Tonight On Discover Family


From Wags To Riches With Bill Berloni is a brand new one-hour reality series that is slated to premiere tonight on Discovery Family Channel (DFC). The news about the upcoming show was first announced in March of this year.

Discovery Family Channel continues to be the leader in creating engaging content for its viewers. The dog-based reality show is the latest among several dog-themed shows that are set to air all month to celebrate the annual ‘Pawgust’ programming event. From Wags To Riches stars pet rescuer and theatrical dog trainer Bill Berloni, his wife, Dorothy Berloni, and their daughter, Jenna Berloni. The program is produced by Earth Touch.

Set in Haddem, Connecticut, viewers will watch Bill Berloni and his family interact with their array of amazing animals. Dog lovers and animals lovers will find the show extremely appealing. From Wags To Riches is being called ‘charming’ and ‘wholesome,’ the kind of show that the entire family can sit down and watch together. DFC viewers can expect to see how Bill Berloni takes animals out of the shelter and nurtures and cares for them until they are ready to make their theatrical debut.

Once they are stage ready, he takes the rescued animals back to his home where he continues to shower them with love and more dog training. Inquisitr previously reported that Bill Berloni’s animals have appeared in the musical film Annie and in Peter Pan Live.

Bill Berloni’s has shown a deep passion and dedication to training animals since 1977. His pet rescue company, William Berloni Theatrical Animals, Inc., adopts and trains animals for a wide variety of media. The company provides animals for all sorts of television productions and Broadway performances, as well as for local schools and community theater productions.

The expert dog trainer has compiled some of his stories in his book Broadway Tails: Heartfelt Stories of Rescued Dogs Who Became Showbiz Superstars. According to his Facebook page, Berloni has won the ASPCA Humanitarian Award, a Tony Award for Excellence in Theater in 2011, an Outer Critics Circle Award, and the AHA Patsy Award.

In a world where so many animals and dogs are being abused, Bill Berloni’s commitment to saving these animals is something everyone needs to see with the debut of his new tv show tonight.

From Wags To Riches dog-loving fans are already gearing up for the program’s big opening night. Here’s is what they are saying on Facebook.

” Congratulations on the show – we’ll be watching tonight.”

“Run Forest, Run! I am so blessed for you guys! Long time coming!”

From Wags To Riches With Bill Berloni will air tonight at 9 p.m after My Dogs Crazy Animal Friends. Discovery Family Channel (DFC) teases it this way.

“Wonderful World of Bill Berloni. Ever wondered what it’s like to live with 26 dogs, two horses, one pony, a cat, a macaw, two pigs, a llama and a very grumpy donkey? Well meet Bill Berloni who does – a modern-day Dr. Dolittle – who trains rescued animals for the stage and screen.”

“After the show, be sure to tell us how you liked it using hashtags #‎WagsToRiches‬ and #‎pawgust.”

[Photo Credit: Facebook]