‘I Am Cait’: Does Caitlyn Jenner Have Final Say On Each Episode?

I Am Cait debuted on the E! Network last Sunday with a healthy 2.7 million viewers. The show chronicles Caitlyn Jenner’s new life as an openly transgender woman, and her relationships with her family and the transgender community. A clip for this Sunday night’s episode implies that some trans activists are uncomfortable with Jenner’s conservative views, which they believe may run counter to the best interests of trans people.

Although such scenes may not put Jenner in the most positive light, show producers assert that Caitlyn has a great deal of control over the show. In a new interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Gil Goldschein, the head of Bunim/Murray Productions, spoke about how much input Caitlyn has on each episode’s edit.

“A lot. Again, this is her life, and obviously this is something where she has a lot to say about how she wants her story to be told and exactly how she’s going to be living her life, and we’re there to document it.”

In July, the New York Times quoted Jeff Jenkins, an executive producer on I Am Cait and Keeping Up With the Kardashians, on Jenner’s power to say no in the new series. Jenkins says Caitlyn Jenner has more control over Cait than Kris Jenner has over Kardashians.

In making that assertion, Jenkins admitted that Kardashians cast members are sometimes forced into scenes they would rather not do.

“With ‘Keeping Up,’ if a cast member says, ‘No, I don’t want to shoot that,’ I say, ‘Well you need to shoot that, you need to share that, that’s what you signed up for, this is a reality show, that’s your job.

“With Caitlyn? No, she’s in the driver’s seat. I do not push back on things like that. It’s such a sensitive subject and I feel Caitlyn has an inner compass of what’s right and what’s wrong and we’re following her lead sincerely.”

The Times piece also recalled that Brandon Jenner accused Bunim/Murray of producing “circus” reality shows and doubted they could tell Caitlyn’s story in a sensitive way. None of Jenner’s four older children have agreed to participate in I Am Cait.

Jenner’s two youngest biological children, Kendall and Kylie Jenner, do appear in I Am Cait. THR asked Goldschein if those two siblings might have a reality show in the future.

“We would love the opportunity to do that show. There haven’t been any discussions, but if that were of interest to them, certainly I would hope that they would talk to us about that possibility.”

I Am Cait airs Sunday nights at 8 p.m. on E!

[Photo by Kevin Winter / Getty Images Entertainment]