Danny Tanner Married? Eva LaRue Joins ‘Fuller House’ Cast As His New Wife

Danny Tanner, the popular 90s sitcom TV father, apparently did get remarried – making room in the Fuller House cast for actress Eva LaRue to fill!

The former CSI: Miami actress announced on her official Twitter page earlier this week that she would be filling the shoes of Danny Tanner’s new wife, Teri.

The announcement was made in response to another Twitter user’s question to LaRue about the role that she will play on the Netflix series.

In a separate tweet, Eva LaRue opened up about how it was working with the Fuller House cast. Even though she is the “new girl” on the set in comparison to the original Full House cast members, LaRue claims that she is having a “blast” working with them.

LaRue has also posted several pictures on Instagram from the Fuller House set, including one with her daughter Kaya and Candace Cameron Bure, as well as one that featured her daughter and the Fuller House sign.

Eva LaRue even joined the rest of the Fuller House cast by following what apparently has become a new tradition – tweeting a picture of her script along with her name card on Instagram.

Full House fans know that Danny Tanner did not focus very much on relationships after losing his wife, Pam, in a tragic car accident which was caused by a drunk driver.

Pam’s tragic death set the stage for the main story of the show, though, since his childhood friends Joey Gladstone and Jesse Katsopolis (who was also Pam’s brother) decided to move in to help Danny raise his three daughters.

In the later seasons of the show, after his daughters became much older than when it started, Danny fell head over heels in love with Vicky Larson – the woman that replaced Jesse’s wife Becky as his co-anchor.

However, Vicky later accepted a job that sent her to New York, and they had to find out the hard way that a long-distance relationship was not going to work out very well.

More than 20 years later, Danny Tanner has apparently fell in love and found another woman to spend his life with – which is where Eva LaRue enters as Teri.

According to Glamour, Teri’s character “is being described as youthful and vivacious.” Longtime fans of the hit 90s TV sitcom will get to meet Teri and reunite with the rest of the gang when the Netflix spin-off series, Fuller House, becomes available for streaming in 2016.

[Image Credit: Daniel Perez/Getty Images]