Ian McShane To Join ‘Game Of Thrones’ For Season 6 In Mystery Role – Rumors Circulating As To Who Will He Play

Game of Thrones is going to continue to keep on getting bigger, while also losing people from the cast. As quickly as someone shockingly dies, another big name joins, and that’s exactly what will happen in Season 6 when Deadwood alum Ian McShane enters the cast. Now, he will be starring in a mystery role, but who will it be?

If you haven’t totally caught up on HBO’s Game of Thrones by now, then you may want to stop reading as there are likely SPOILERS in the info ahead.

As reported by EW, the Emmy-winning British actor is joining Season 6 of Game of Thrones, but so far, no-one knows what role he will play. Production and crew are being very quiet about his role and will not give a single detail as to whom he could appear as in the show.

For those not aware, the show is about to go head-first into storylines that are not yet in author George R.R. Martin’s novels. There are a few things (semi-spoilers) known about his character though, but not confirmed.

  • Ian McShane’s character will have a small amount of screen time in Season 6.
  • Still, his character will have great important to all that is happening and will go on.

After that, the rumors start swirling and people begin to theorize or guess who Ian McShane will be and where he fits in. Some say he could theoretically appear in Essos or Westeros.

Zap2It is actually jumping ahead and stating that numerous fans of the books are wondering if McShane will take on the role of the evil Euron Greyjoy. His name has been mentioned in the show, but nothing more than that.

In the novels, especially the “Song of Ice and Fire” series, Euron is Lord Balon Greyjoy’s younger brother, which makes him the uncle of Theon. He isn’t on the Iron Islands when Theon returns since he was banished after he slept with Victarion, his brother’s wife.

After Balon, Theon’s father, dies, Euron comes back to the Iron Islands and attempts to take the throne and wins it. He then brings forth numerous raids on The Reach, which allow his followers to grow in power. Making matters worse is that Euron claims to have a dragon horn which allows him to control dragons.

A description of Euron from the books states that he has black hair and a black beard, very much like Ian McShane. Euron also wears a patch over his left eye, and enjoys getting into physical and psychological war with all those around him.

Season 6 of Game of Thrones is already shaping up to be a great one even though it may be the one that fans know least about so far. Ian McShane joining the cast is going to add a lot to it, no matter how big or small his role ends up being.

[Image via Getty Images – Kevin Winter]