Internet Marketing Tips And Tools To Help Small Businesses Grow Now

Although there are many ways to market your business to help you grow quickly, nothing is more effective than internet marketing. The reason is that it allows you to automate many of your marketing processes by using online tools and scripts. Marketing materials like emails, articles, and even videos can be scheduled to post when you need them to so that you are free to do other things. Borderless ecommerce techniques allow you to connect with your customers worldwide.

Before marketing your business on the internet, it is important to have a plan and create the assets you need to market. Assets are online properties where your business may be found. According to Priya Shah at Business2Community, the first, and a must have asset, is your website. A website is the home for your business online and the foundation for your internet marketing plan. The URL, or the domain name, is the "street address" for your business online.

Once your website is in place, there are certain internet marketing strategies that are an important part of your internet marketing plan. These strategies include search engine optimization of your website, creating business pages, and using specific industry portals for your business. Google, Facebook, and Twitter allow you to create a social marketing strategy to distribute your content and connect with your audience.

Google allows you to use several different internet marketing strategies to market your business. They include indexing your site in the search engines, building a business page to showcase your business, and advertising to help you drive traffic to your business quickly.

Facebook provides many of the same internet marketing opportunities since it offers fan pages and ads, and it is the top social marketing website online. Twitter allows for microblogging, which are short messages approximately 140 characters long, that allow you to communicate with and connect to your audience. Twitter also offers paid advertising opportunities for those who want to drive traffic quickly.

Internet marketing tools help automate many of your internet marketing strategies and complete marketing tasks quickly. According to Greg Nunan at, there are many free tools that are essential to internet marketing success. These include tools to create digital documents, find ideas for content, make presentations and infographics, and spy on your competitors. Tools like autoresponders, although not generally free, allow small businesses to automate their email marketing campaigns and save time with menial tasks like subscribes and unsubscribes.

What are your favorite free internet marketing tools? Which internet marketing techniques do you use to market your business?

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