Duggar Family Update: Photos Surface Of Jill Dillard’s Missionary Work In Central America [Photos]

The Duggar family shared an emotional goodbye with Jill Dillard before she departed for a long-term mission to Central America. The Dillard family told fans that they would be in the mission field in Central America for an undisclosed period of time. However, after updating fans on their arrival, the Duggar Family Ministries founders went silent on social media. Despite having spent a month in the field, the Dillard family hasn’t shared a single photo of their missionary work to their social media accounts. Fortunately for fans longing to see photos, a number of images have been shared by others in Central America of the Dillards abroad.

The Dillards last updated fans on July 18, after spending nearly two weeks in Central America. The update noted that the family was adjusting well to their new life and that they had arrived safely. However, no photos of their work were provided in the blog post and all of the Dillard’s social media accounts went silent. Though there were no photos, Derick did point out that baby Israel was doing well and that locals were all talking about the “big blue-eyed, white baby.”

So what have the Dillards been up to in Central America since they left? Photos posted by others in the area show the Dillards hanging out with other missionaries, possibly working on a building project, and there was even a photo of Jill spending some time in Honduras without baby Israel. Here are some of the photos we have been able to find of the Dillards in Central America.

Jill Dillard
Jill in Honduras with other female missionaries sans baby Israel. It appears Derick was on baby-duty this day as baby Israel was not in Jill's typical baby sling.
Jill Dillard
Jill and Derick in Central America with baby Israel.
Jill Dillard
Jill looks like she is getting a little tan in Central America with husband Derick.
Derick Dillard
Derick Dillard working on what appears to be a building project.
Jill Dillard
A group photo of some of the missionaries in Central America.
Derick Dillard
Photo showing Derick at the apparent building project.
Dillard family in El Salvador
One of the only photos that show Jill Dillard and baby Israel in El Salvador with S.O.S. Ministries

When do you think the Dillard family will share photos of their missionary work to their social media accounts or blog?

[Image Credit: Facebook]