Meek Mill: Did MMG Really Place ‘Diss Track Expert’ Job On Indeed? It’s Still There [Rumor]

Meek Mill’s music seems to have taken a plunge due to his latest diss track. While there have been many memes created in his honor, one seems more real than the others. A job ad.

Indeed, a job search site currently available in 50 countries and in 28 languages, showcased a position which seemed to have been posted by Maybach Music Group (MMG). After Meek Mill’s “Wanna Know” comeback at Drake’s “Back to Back,” allegedly, MMG is looking for a “diss track expert.”

There has been no confirmation as to whether this rumor is true. However, according to the major roasting Meek Mill has received, it could be hilariously legitimate. In the diss track ad, the job description reads as follows.

“Must be able to write bars and diss the light skin. Job opening may turn into permanent position once career is back on track. Also must be ok with lots of yelling or no reason. Also any affiliation with Ovo or Canada in general is grounds for termination.”

“This job does come with benefits under the Teflon Don banner which include but not limited to 10pc meal at participating wing stops, lifetime supply of pears and a fitness plan with DJ Khaled.”

“Required education: High school or equivalent. Required language: Metaphors, Metaphors,Punchline.”

Of course, the job description is quite animated and could lean more toward it being a fake advertisement. However, Indeed has allowed it to stay on its site for days now.

Meek Mill — Did MMG Really Place 'Diss Track Expert' Job On Indeed - It's Still There [Rumor] - Indeed Photo
Credits: Indeed

In a similar way restauranteurs capitalized off the Meek Mill beef, what if this is Indeed’s way of cashing in as well? Will the shade never stop?

Nevertheless, MMG hasn’t made any official announcements about the position on its website, nor has it come up via the company’s Twitter page.

An interesting fact to point out, though, is that MMG hasn’t talked about Meek Mill’s response or beef at all. That’s one track that will not be included in a 360-deal. It’s almost like the company is just going to allow Meek to metaphorically slit his own wrists in public.

Although MMG is still promoting Mill’s Dreams Worth More Than Money album, its social media focus appears more geared toward Richard Morales, Jr. — better known as Gunplay.

Since social media is where all the beef originated, one would think the company would attempt to protect one of its assets, right? However, within a week, Meek Mill’s world seems to have come crashing down around him. In a previous Inquisitr article, the source mentions that there was a rumor that Meek had been placed on suicide watch.

But that proved to just be rumor.

Meek Mill — Did MMG Really Place 'Diss Track Expert' Job On Indeed - It's Still There [Rumor] - Feature II
Credits: Twitter

What are your thoughts about Meek Mill and the diss track expert position placed on Indeed? Do you know of any sources? Feel free to share your comments in the section below.

[Photo Credits: Twitter/Indeed]