'Fear The Walking Dead': Watch L.A. Burn In The Brand New Trailer [Video]

A new trailer for Fear The Walking Dead has just premiered during AMC's marathon of The Walking Dead.

So far, the only video we have is thanks to a very handy Walking Dead fan who managed to record the trailer on her phone and upload it to YouTube. Thank you to Cassidy Frazee for being so quick off the mark with this one.

So what's the video about? What we see are buildings burning, so it appears to be the fall of L.A. as the apocalypse progresses. Then, the shot pans out and we can see the burning buildings form one word: Fear. The whole video appears to be sped up with time lapse and according to Cassidy, this time lapse is the actual speed of the clip and the roaring sound you can hear is also from the teaser video. Because of this, Walking Dead fans get to see L.A. going down to the zombie apocalypse all in one short teaser trailer video.

AMC's Fear The Walking Dead is the companion program to The Walking Dead and the first season will, roughly, focus on the time when Rick Grimes (played by Andrew Lincoln) was in his coma in the first season of The Walking Dead. As a result of this, season 1 will focus on roughly three weeks of time. However, Rick was in his coma from around four to five weeks, so it has been confirmed by showrunner Dave Erickson that the breakdown of civilization in Fear The Walking Dead will also bleed over into season 2, which has been picked up already by the network and will run for 15 episodes.

"By the end of season 1, we definitely know the world has changed, but we're not at the same place where Rick woke up. There's still a window of time, we'll have some real estate left. Rick's coma was about 4 to 5 weeks. If you track our story, we probably go three weeks over the course of our first season."
The show stars Cliff Curtis (Travis), Kim Dickens (Madison), Frank Dillane (Nick), Alycia Debnam-Carey (Alicia), Elizabeth Rodriquez (Liza), and Lorenzo James (Henrie) as the core family members faced with the zombie apocalypse on their doorstep in Fear The Walking Dead.

Fear The Walking Dead will premiere on Sunday, August 23, on AMC.

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[Image credit: AMC]