WWE, TNA News: UFC’s Dana White Battles Ronda Rousey Fan On Twitter And Calls Wrestling ‘Fake’ – Numerous Wrestlers Fire Back

Last night at UFC 190, UFC bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey stepped into the octagon and absolutely decimated Brazilian challenger Bethe Correia. Before the fight, a fan on Twitter complained to UFC president Dana White that the fight was too expensive and WWE was cheaper. That is when White called pro wrestling “fake” and it brought a number of wrestlers out to defend their profession.

It all started with a fan saying he wish he didn’t have to pay $39.99 to watch Ronda Rousey’s bout. He said that Dana White could learn a thing or two from the $9.99 monthly charge for the WWE Network.

That was when White gave his thoughts on professional wrestling.

dana white wrestling fake

The two continued to go back and forth for a while with White always coming back with something or another to say about professional wrestling.

White said he wasn’t disrespecting what the wrestlers do, and that all of the WWE guys he has met “are awesome people but yes it’s fake.” A few other fans joined in on things and got on White’s case and even posted some meme pictures.

After that, current WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins decided to join the conversation.

That wasn’t all that happened though as TNA announcer/producer Jeremy Borash got into the conversation and insisted fight fans cancel their UFC buy on Saturday night. He tried to get others to instead donate the money to a UK wrestler who was paralyzed during a “fake wrestling match.”

Borash is speaking of Nik Bali who was paralyzed in the ring a number of years ago.

A few Twitter users came in and said that Dana White wouldn’t think things were so funny and he wouldn’t think wrestling was “fake” when Ronda Rousey left UFC for WWE. Those are, of course, just rumors, and White didn’t take any of those very seriously.

He also didn’t respond to a number of tweets from other wrestlers including some from Bully Ray, MVP, and Austin Aries. All were defending professional wrestling and making sure that Dana White’s attention was on them.

Bringing up Brock Lesnar was going to happen sooner or later. It’s just kind of surprising that it took that long for someone to do so. Bully Ray told Dana White to “do the right thing” and apologize to “THE industry that laid the groundwork for YOUR industry.”

MVP actually challenged White to discuss his opinion in a “fake ring” whenever he would like to do so.

Dana White has UFC and it is extremely successful, and there is no denying that. For some reason though, he always will have a beef against WWE, TNA, ROH, and pro wrestling as a whole. His Twitter comments about wrestling being “fake” are likely only the beginning, and he has to really hope that Ronda Rousey never transitions over.

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